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Please find below a copy ( edited ) of a transcript of a conversation between myself and a Samsung Tech support employee. I hope this info helps you all and please don't troll me to death. I am taking the time and effort to share with all our community what info I have found out and hope it's of help to you all....This is what I've found out about the beta testing programme.... 

I hope this helps... Enjoy ..... 
......One UI is the unique user interface for Galaxy phones, reflecting the signature look and style of the Galaxy brand. The One UI Beta Programme is owned, managed and operated by Samsung independently in order to provide better experience and reliable software based on user feedback. To join the beta testing you will need to download the “Samsung Members” app from the Galaxy Apps or Play Store. Then submit the “Galaxy Beta Program” application form through “Registration of One UI Beta Program” in the notice. As long as customers meet all the participation criteria, the registration process will be completed.
I would like to note that the Android Pie Beta Programme is currently being release in the United Kingdom and the device able to participate is Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. The release would be on 20th of November 2018.
The notice is not in the app I've checked and checked again?
I take it the notice will just appear in the notice section and I have to check on the 20th ?
That is correct,Mr S ( edited ) . After registering for the Beta programme, you can update your software through the settings menu on their Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. The programme is free to all Galaxy S9 users. However, it is recommended that customers download and update software when connected to Wi-Fi. It would best to wait until 20th of November to do the update since its still not being release.
So let me confirm the Beta testing for Android Pie will include the new One UI together and the notice / invitation to join the beta testing programme will appear in the notice section of the members app I'm taking to you through now ?I then fill the application in and then wait for the OTA download through software updates on my handset ?
And it's defiantly on 20th November? I am very greatful for your honesty as rumours are flying it's the 15th November???
That is correct You can see all our information on our website which is . I could not access the ( edited )  you have provided earlier.
Thank you very much for your valued time and honesty .... this is edited to cover the privacy of the employee and customer privacy but i assure you of its integrecy. 
Kindest regards every one..... 🙂 


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It's 3rd Dec and it's not showing in my app notices!!
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Android pie update
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Android pie can't update
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