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Hello everyone, 

I'm new here, can someone help me on how to  fix a problem with my smart view case.  I got a notification to update my software last night on my s9+ which I did but unfortunately my smart view cover which I have been using without problem for more than 5months now have stooped working. 

It can't even display the time neither can I answer an incoming calls.  My phone has a separete screen protector and has been working just fine before the recent software update last night. Please how can I fix the problem as this cases are expensive to be discarded anytime.


I have the sale problem and I have had several conversations with Samsung the last 2 weeks... I will put all their reactiobs together and will give an overview later as a new topic as so many people have the same problem. I think it is becayse they did not yet update their own "allways on display" !!! I found this error on my phone. I hope it will be fixed soon...Screenshot_20190222-162144_Google Play Store.jpg

Screenshot_20190222-162321_Google Play Store.jpg


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