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Can't search for GIFs


Hi. When using the messaging app and the default Samsung keyboard I can't seem to search through GIFs, only select ones in the categories. Why is this? It's really annoying. Screenshot attached.....Screenshot_20180505-101044_Messages.jpg


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Step 1 hit the plus sign on your keyboard should be on the left.  A very faint grey line will appear like I circled above in the screen shot.  Pull that up.  That should pull up a new menu with the option to search gifs.   My phone is a note 8


Is there a step 2? What if there is no faint grey line? We shouldn't have to try and find an almost invisible line to search gifs. There should be a search bar in the gifs that is easy to locate and use.

This is a Samsung keyboard issue and it does not affect everyone but enough people are having the issue that it really should be taken seriously. It seems to happen on the Samsung keyboard regardless of the messaging app used. I use Textra and there are other people in this thread with the same problem but using a different messaging app. Several people have also posted suggestions on how to get to the search function but if the attached pictures posted by several different posters are looked at closely one can see that there is no way to search.

The problem is there is no search bar. There is not a way to search gifs. We shouldn't have to search for the way to search gifs either. We pay enough money for these devices that they should do what they are supposed to do, even mundane things like have a search bar in the gif keyboad.


The way I showed is the only way I can figure out.   I agree its ridiculous to try and find that line.  We should be able to search gifs from where the gifs show up.  Definitely need an easier way.  I guess you could try downloading a different keyboard? 


Rosannao, your instructions make no sense. That does not work to search gifs inside the Samsung Messages app.


My instructions make sense.  Step 1 open your keyboard.

Step 2 hit the plus sign on the left side of the keyboard 

Step 3 a faint line should appear (as I showed in a screen shot above).   Pull that up and a search gif option will appear.   

It took me forever to figure it out and I did it on accident the first time. 1



I'm gonna guess that not everyone has a faint grey line. I don't. Why don't you post pics of what this process looks like? We've seen the line, what shows up when you press it? What do you see? What shows on your screen? Do you have an actual search bar where you can type specific things? Or just things to choose from?

PS: your first post only had step one. That's why I asked if there was a step 2. But even if there is a step 2 or beyond that doesn't help those of us that don't have that little invisible mystery line. 



 This is what shows up.  I can search anything I want.  I agree its likely not everyone has the faint line. 


Are you using the pre-installed messaging app and keyboard?


Rosannao, you are not in the Samsung Text Messaging app (Messages). That looks like facebook or something. Here's what the Samsung Messages app looks like:Screenshot_20181212-093834_Messages.jpg




For facebook try this:


Click the camera button to the right of the text bar.


Click the gif button at the bottom. (The funny icons were just to blur out family faces on my pics)


You should now have a search bar.

Camera button.Camera button.


GIF ButtonGIF Button


Search bar.Search bar.



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