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Hi. When using the messaging app and the default Samsung keyboard I can't seem to search through GIFs, only select ones in the categories. Why is this? It's really annoying. Screenshot attached.....Screenshot_20180505-101044_Messages.jpg



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To be honest, since starting this thread a while back and despite all the best advice given, none of it worked. However Samsung updated the messaging app in December and this fixed it and since then I've had the Android Pie update and it has changed the stock messaging app and the GIF search works fine. So as far as I'm concerned the issue is fixed. Thanks for all the suggestions from everyone.

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I have this problem on my galaxy S8 Plus too. I've tried the built in SMS app "Messages" and Handcent's "Next SMS" and there is no difference. Several months ago I used to be able to search, but that was before a few android updates. I wonder if this is just broken now in this version of android on the s8/9. Android version: 8.0.0. Samsung Experience Version 9.0


Go to messages app, click on the plus sign like if you're adding a pic then scroll down one row and you will see gif search.




Nope. Not there.



I was using a message app. But the original message app the fone came with has a search option as yu can see. Androd version 8.0 and Samsung experience version 9.0



Still no search. I click Gif and as above you see theres no search bar. Completely missing. I'm also on Android 8.0.0 and Samsung Experience 9.0. 

Click the gif button ware the text appear when typing. Not the one below the bar. The square with a happy face and play button. Next to ware it says enter message. Idk if you have to have the tenor gif app downloaded tho.



If I click the square button with the smiley face and play symbol I just get a load of pointless stickers. No GIFs. I have installed Tenor Gif keyboard and that's made no difference. That only sends gifs through FB messenger. 

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Why can't I search for our use gifs on Facebook

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Any news of a fix yet? I have no search feature either, just a bunch of preselected topics to choose from.  

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