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Camera bug- filming time problem Galaxy s8 and s9

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Hello everybody,

I have the same problem on both my galaxy S8 and S9. 

When i want to film the video turn off by itslef and most of the time don't let me film videos that are longer than 1 min! Most of the time it turns off after few seconds! But i remain in the camera's application. Its just that it stops filming!

I don't understand what's going on and it' s very annoying!


I hope someone can help me! Thank you!!

Hsha i see. I checked it is android v 9

Try the trouble shooting on here 


Trouble shooter

Thanks a lot. I couldn't find any answer. But it does work in safe mode. So it must be a third party app causing it. If I restart the phone it also works. I suppose it the app is not active , it doesn't disturb. But I cannot figure out which app it is.

I also have problem with adds popping up. Same here donno which app causing it 😞

When the ad pops up hit the recent apps button and whichever is most recent is most likely the culprit 

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