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I'm on a different thread with over 30K plus people using call recording apps (I use ACR Pro) and I can no longer hear the caller only my voice, inbound and outbound calls. 

I had the S8 plus which worked perfectly so what has Samsung done to permissions on the S9 plus which I'm now using, speaking with others it has also affected the S9.

It was very quick for Samsung customer service (UK) to put blame on the app developer but this isn't an issue with the app it's the phone.

Can someone from Samsung please tell me if this can be fixed or the S9 plus is useless to me and approximately 1.5 million other ACR users using Samsung's S9 devices.

For me the facility to record is paramount, it's not an issue with the latest version of Oreo as it works on other handsets.

Samsung what have you done ?

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OK so I'm fed up with Samsung and there in ability to help in anyway, I have just purchased a UK Huawei P30 Pro and I've tried 3 different recording apps (ACR, ACR CUBE AND Boldbeast) I'm glad to report back they ALL WORK! 

To add to this further 

Cheaper phone

Amazing camera 

Longer battery 

Faster charging etc etc....


Sorry Samsung but until you sort this out for Countries where call recording is totally legal like you have done in others! I will unfortunately never buy another Samsung product.


I hope that helps at least some of you who desperately need a new phone that requires a working call recorder.


Good for you. If that' was the only issue with Samsung for me.... At my country is not illegal so i believe call recording will work fine. I am thinking about huawei p30 pro  too!

Please be careful as far as I'm aware the only market it works in is India. There is a fake rumour going around that Samsung are going to release updates to fix this but it is simply not true.
If you can order it online so that you can return it if the Law is similar to the UK. We have the right to return a device within 14 days if we choose to. If you buy it from a shop in the UK you don't have that option.
I would double check maybe with local forums in your County or speak to the developers directly and check.
@Ryan23 If I may ask... can you please tell on what Android version works Huawei P30 Pro? I thought that recording option in Huawei is a native on, and you don't need a third part apps.

Thanx i have that in mind if i go for it. I am from greece so it should work but there is always the root option.


It's not down to Samsung, it's to do with Google removing the permission to record, its affecting ALL recording apps. It's affecting those on the pie system, oreo and nougat will still work. I don't know why Google think they're the police on this matter, as we don't all use our phones for illegal purposes. I use it as I don't always catch a phone number or address, and to protect myself as I have had a lot of scam calls one threatening me one time, which put the fear of God into me. I have cancelled my subscription to one as it's only recording me and not the other party due to this stupid change. I can't see why we can't record or calls when we get recorded via businesses. Hopefully someone can find a workaround, at the moment Google closed the previous workaround. They may put an update out but it seems will only come with the new release of Q, they may not reimplement it though. Don't forget Google has been fined due to privacy laws. 

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Nothing to do with Samsung. All android phones use Google software and it is google who have stopped this. They obviously want American phones like Iphone not to lag behind as you have to pay monthly for this facility on iphone. Shame on gogle


It is totally to do with Samsung as they have built in software for call recording which currently only works in India it's all to do with the CSC on the device which can be changed. 

Samsung simply can't be bothered in checking individual countries to allow this feature, it would be a lot of different software.

The Huawei P30 pro I've purchased in the UK works with third party applications which was a nice surprise however the phone wasn't for me so I've decided to send it back. 

If you read the whole thread it explains in detail what's happened to recording featurs and Google's policy.


Hi, may I know why you returned the P30?  Because is the next phone that I would buy in a short time...




Not sure if my first reply went through so here I go again (possibly)


The P30 pro was an amazing phone and it was able to record calls using third party applications, the issue I had with the phone was the pictures it took, my IPhone XS Max and Samsung S8+ In the day the pictures in my opinion were better however the P30 was amazing at night but I take a lot of pictures during the day.


Before you get one go to a store and try it out make sure your happy with it in hand.

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