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I'm on a different thread with over 30K plus people using call recording apps (I use ACR Pro) and I can no longer hear the caller only my voice, inbound and outbound calls. 

I had the S8 plus which worked perfectly so what has Samsung done to permissions on the S9 plus which I'm now using, speaking with others it has also affected the S9.

It was very quick for Samsung customer service (UK) to put blame on the app developer but this isn't an issue with the app it's the phone.

Can someone from Samsung please tell me if this can be fixed or the S9 plus is useless to me and approximately 1.5 million other ACR users using Samsung's S9 devices.

For me the facility to record is paramount, it's not an issue with the latest version of Oreo as it works on other handsets.

Samsung what have you done ?

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Totally agree with Ryan23 I also have the S8 dual sim from that seller on eBay the text messaging and calls are indicated by numbers so sim 1 will be 1 and sim 2 is 2. It's what I use for work and best thing I did. I also rely on the call recording feature and was very grateful for Ryan23's help. He came looking for help and managed to help others.


My advise go for dual sim, YouTube Samsung S8 dual sim and watch more then a few videos that's what I did and found each video showed different aspects of the phones ability which I was able to draw a picture. I would never have a sole sim phone now.


Hahah, looking at them now. 


Have you ever thought, "oh man I'm spending way too much time shopping when I should be working"

Lol I seriously need to make a decision already. 


No worries I've always said I'll help if I can. Also thanks John2405.


Yeah the S9's are still a work in progress for developers however most have now caught up and solved the software issues.


The seller in that previous link has the S8 plus available


I've just had a look now and didn't see any S8's on there. However the A8 is available and again YouTube is the best place to check the phones out.


The reason I mention Pro Gadgets UK is due to the fact I've had two phones from him with no issues and work just like they should. Obviously there are other sellers but I'm going on my own experience on this one.


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I had same issues when my S7 Edge was updated with Oreo.  I now have the S9, and found the same problem.  Contacted the APP developer "Applicato", and I found they have already developed a call recorder for the S9 and S9+.   One can contact them until the updated version is available in PlayGoogle.


so call recorder will work soon? hope so...


absolutely disappointed with samsung.... only 2 android updates and then they drop you, all the menus are eye burning white with no option to have a dark theme (like in power save mode, but cant keep my phone in this mode) and now no recording? absolutely bad. When is samsung going to fix this? or do i trade it in for a sony or pixel?

Each phone is worse than the last....


Hi someone test this new update 355MB ? Recorder still working ? Because I dont know to update phone or not 


Samsung has cheated and fooled everyone by not disclosing this big Flaw of no call recording . Half the world would have not bought this ***** phone S9 or S9+ if this drawback was made public.  Samsung should buy back this ***** phone.  They should only sell the phone after informing the public that this call recording feature does not work.  Then it would have acted like a responsible company.  Now it has acted like a low class thief and fleeced money out of innocent people. Shame on Samsung.  Stole  our money .  Thief  Samsung !! 


Yes I did and Samsung actually added a recording button within the phone app.

And ACR still working :smiling-face:


I really do hope that Samsung settled this BIG PROBLEM once and for all


"Call Recorder Pro"  updated two days ago by Applicato, available on Google Play is now properly recording phone calls on the S9.



I am from India and have been using almost all S serieces, but S9+ really disappointed me by disabling Call Recording option. I tried with many Call Recording Apps but all record only my voice not the other party's. I had to return the phone to the seller with 20% less on purchased price. Because Call Recorder is necessory for me. I have gone through so many blogs for the solution, but Call recorder will not work on 'Exynos' models. Dear Samsung every brand is adding new features as they are growing but you are disabling the features...

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