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I'm on a different thread with over 30K plus people using call recording apps (I use ACR Pro) and I can no longer hear the caller only my voice, inbound and outbound calls. 

I had the S8 plus which worked perfectly so what has Samsung done to permissions on the S9 plus which I'm now using, speaking with others it has also affected the S9.

It was very quick for Samsung customer service (UK) to put blame on the app developer but this isn't an issue with the app it's the phone.

Can someone from Samsung please tell me if this can be fixed or the S9 plus is useless to me and approximately 1.5 million other ACR users using Samsung's S9 devices.

For me the facility to record is paramount, it's not an issue with the latest version of Oreo as it works on other handsets.

Samsung what have you done ?

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To be honest I wonder why they are cherry picking which law to follow. For example in the UK it is illegal to record face sitting videos (UK has very strict laws regarding adult videos), now why Samsung has not disabled cameras for UK market in case someone would record such videos?
This whole thing is an unfunny joke.

Massive UPDATE to what's going on across the world this is what I've picked up from Israel and translated from Hebrew. It looks like Samsung have a MASSIVE problem feel free to read all of it and in a nut shell these phones are FAULTY!!!


A petition against Samsung: "They sold a defective product to innocent consumers"

Following the audio failure on the Samsung S9 Galaxy, a class action suit was filed in Israel against the Company and against the importer "Suny" for NIS 17 million

Sagi Cohen Posted 16:42, 16/04/2018

The class action lawsuit: In recent weeks, customers who have purchased Samsung's new flagship devices have discovered that during a phone call there are random audio breaks. The call continues, but you can not hear the other party for a few seconds. Samsung is aware of and is handling the problem - but a software update released last week did not solve the problem.

 Against this backdrop, a request to approve a class action was filed with the Central District Court this morning by attorneys Roi Nahum and Assaf Zamir of Zamir, Nahum & Co. Law Offices. The claim, in the amount of NIS 17 million, was filed against Samsung and Suny, the importer of Samsung mobile phones to Israel.


According to the request, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus are experiencing a serious malfunction that occurs in every audio call. "This is a fault that causes an absolute loss of audio, which takes several seconds, during a cellular conversation on the new devices." In addition, it is mentioned in the request that it is not possible to make recordings of cellular calls using third party software without the customers having been informed of this prior to the acquisition.


The request also presents a possible cause for the error, and it is hinted that a software update may not be able to solve it: "An initial investigation indicates that apparently the processor embedded in the cellular devices marketed in Israel is not compatible with the Israeli communications networks. So if this is indeed the problem with the cellular devices, then every software update will be a band-aid on a problem with the hardware of the handsets and their lack of suitability for the communications networks in Israel. " "Consumers who have been tempted to buy the mobile devices are no more than experienced chefs," he said, "out of greed and at the very least negligence, Samsung released a flawed product market, while Suny imported it to Israel, selling the defective products to thousands of innocent consumers."


The translated monetary value is 4.8 Million USD



Just stumbled upon this utter cluster cluck.
If I had known this two weeks ago I would NEVER have upgraded to a bloody S9+.
I have to record my calls for leagal reasons and Samsung have just now royaly shafted me.
Had to go an BUY another phone.....

One VERY unhappy customer.


Venares, you are able to hand the phone back if you've purchased it outright. If you entered into a contract with one of the networks you can ring them say you've spoken with Samsung customer services (I suggest you do that they can provide a fault code for return) and make a complaint that the phone is faulty due to features not available and also the bigger leverage that calls go silent throughout all calls irrespective of time on the phone (Samsung are fully aware of this fault) I hope this helps.

I feel a mug for not doing the usual pre purchase research. Came from an elephone p9000 for what I thought would be a better manufacturer support. Instead I've a phone I can't use for work.
I would have hoped Samsung would be interested.

Ryan , I live in a small country. They refused to take back phone on the fifth day after I bought it . Samsung Costumer Care said that this is not their job because they do not direct trade telephones. 

As I said before they obviously messed up something with Exinos and maybe that is sort of connected with the phone goes silent throughout the call .

First response was that the apps are still not optimised for Oreo . Second was according Google policy they are blocking call recording. After that I received an answer from Samsung Online Team Support , they say update is planned for unknown date in the future. But acording local law in my country you can't record calls unless the party is aware of that . The same paragraph forbid taking photos of someone .

So I asked them how could I ask the other person if I can record the call as long they blocked this functionality and on the other hand why they cell me a phone with 3 cameras if it is forbidden by the local law to take photos of other persons without their permission .

Still no response and it less likely to have some .

This is my first Samsung smartphone and i totally regret buying it and it will be my last if the problems continued .

One last thing ,as Sony costumer up to now for me is total nonsense to receive an update that declares fix something and nothing changes like the last update of Samsung "fixing black crush and call stability "

Ridiculous !


Hi Taradem


I'm sorry you've been caught like so many other people (well over a million worldwide)


If I was you I would make more complaints about the black out in calls and focus your attention in that rather than the recording ability, you have much more chance legally to be able to hand the device back. You haven't mentioned what Country your from so can't comment to much but if local Law forbids call recording then you don't have a chance in Samsung sending updates for your Country which will fix this issue so you need to work hard at complaining the stability of your call does not work which is an actual fault with this in mind Samsung are legally obliged to fix it (which they can't) so your within your right as far as I would be concerned to change it. Samsung have an obligation by law to give you an exchange or refund now what you need to do,


1) phone Samsung and tell them that your phone goes silent during calls where you can't here the caller and they can't hear you.

2) get a fault code from Samsung to return the device to your retailer (that's if they don't offer you a replacement) if they say they want to fix it and you have to send the phone away decline this as you have only just purchased the device.

3) go back to the retailer and give them the faulty phone back and tell them you've spoken to Samsung and give them a code (if Samsung give you one make sure you try and get one) 

4) your retailer might want to exchange it but decline that as well and say why problems with black outs with all Samsung S9 devices (inc. The plus) get your money back.

5) if you want a Samsung that works come back to me and I will send you a link to where you can purchase one that works.


I hope that helps and good luck with it. Don't stop until something is done.

Hi Chris

I'm sorry I didn't reply I didn't get a notification.

Please see my latest post and that hopefully will work for you in regards to getting out of it.

Well, he said call recording without permission is illegal, just as filming someone, yet Samsung doesn't block the camera.


I can't see why blocked call recording should be omitted from the complaint as this is a crucial feature and there is really no reason why it should be blocked.


Samsung don't care that the call recording feature doesn't work, as far as there concerned it a Google security policy. (I don't agree I think it's rubbish)


However you all have more chance getting out of the phone as the software is faulty due to blackout with calls on both sides.


Samsung as mentioned in one of my previous messages explains what there planning. 

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