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I'm on a different thread with over 30K plus people using call recording apps (I use ACR Pro) and I can no longer hear the caller only my voice, inbound and outbound calls. 

I had the S8 plus which worked perfectly so what has Samsung done to permissions on the S9 plus which I'm now using, speaking with others it has also affected the S9.

It was very quick for Samsung customer service (UK) to put blame on the app developer but this isn't an issue with the app it's the phone.

Can someone from Samsung please tell me if this can be fixed or the S9 plus is useless to me and approximately 1.5 million other ACR users using Samsung's S9 devices.

For me the facility to record is paramount, it's not an issue with the latest version of Oreo as it works on other handsets.

Samsung what have you done ?

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And stopping buy ANY SAMSUNG product :):):)
For example... Samsung TV-s silently not support DivX video format anymore... :smiling-face:
Many buyers sad... Downloaded moves played on old Samsung TV-s, but not working on new TV-s...
Samsung go into wrong way :smiling-face:


Es una lastima que los usuarios tengan que compartir este tipo de soluciones, y tengamos que incluso gastar dinero para poder volver a grabar las llamadas. Y pensar que samsung Lo podria solucionar cun una simple actualizacion. 

Yo tuve un Note4 un Note8 y ahora un Note10+ y seguramente muchos de los usuarios que hoy estan con este problema gastaron mas dinero que yo en Samsung. Y asi es como Samsung se lo agradece a sus usuarios.

Y por las dudas para aclarar el Note10+ Graba las llamadas sin problemas con Android 10, el problema lo tengo con el Note8. que tiene Android 9


@amer2 wrote:

This is the reason I stopped using Samsung ... !! Now I use Xiaomi Redmi.

Are you saying call recording works on that phone. What country are you in and who's service?


Si finciona hace pooco tiempo, me salio un cartel en el Note10+ diciendo que para poder grabar las llamadas tenia que activarlo desde las opciones de desarrollador. Antes no grababa la voz de la persona llamante.  

Estoy en Argentina y mi telefono tiene androoid 10, El note 8 que tambien tengo no graba porque tiene android 9.

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Try using Call Recorder from Smart Mobile Tools. It works great on my Samsung Galaxy S10e running Android 10 in United States. There are a lot of complaints about this app on Google Play Store about not being able to hear other end of conversation or intermittently not recording or stopping recording after first minute. I have only been using it for a couple of days but I haven't seen any of these problems.


A50 france : not working

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Hi everyone, I have an idea I'd like to verify - is it possible that call recording could be enabled on EU-distributed phones by setting the location to India or Romania when first setting up the phone/creating a new Samsung account?
EDIT: Nevermind, just found out it's CSC-dependent.

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