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I'm on a different thread with over 30K plus people using call recording apps (I use ACR Pro) and I can no longer hear the caller only my voice, inbound and outbound calls. 

I had the S8 plus which worked perfectly so what has Samsung done to permissions on the S9 plus which I'm now using, speaking with others it has also affected the S9.

It was very quick for Samsung customer service (UK) to put blame on the app developer but this isn't an issue with the app it's the phone.

Can someone from Samsung please tell me if this can be fixed or the S9 plus is useless to me and approximately 1.5 million other ACR users using Samsung's S9 devices.

For me the facility to record is paramount, it's not an issue with the latest version of Oreo as it works on other handsets.

Samsung what have you done ?

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I'm taking my 9+ back today, PIE does not support banking activaities. Alis short code text. I hate to do it by iPhone does so that's will be my next phone. I've been with Samsung since the S3. They finally drove me nuts. The 9+ is a joke, not usere freindly AT ALL.


no root, some help from XDA friends and....

It's not the just call recorder, PIE update won't allow banking transactions. I already took back my New 9+ and instead of buying an iPhone, I reactivated my S7 for now until the dust settles. 

@tomesiek wrote:


no root, some help from XDA friends and....

Hi, please can you send me a pm with the xda link or the instructions?

Please don't take  offence to this but I've stated this before. Pictures are of no value unless you put phone type, carrier and version. Thanks

No offence...

XDA tells me @tomesiek amened his CSC file.

No way you can do that without root...

Otherwise please proof 😉


On the otherhand i hate the Samsung statement as it's just full of lies.

Call recording here (Netherlands) is not forbidden by any law.

So their statement by just saying it's disabled as it's forbidden isn't true.

Just the easy way for Samsung and disable it world wide so we don't have to think about it.

But those countries who sue them are getting treated...

I stated in an earlier post that USA this year the government popped that law into our lives. I was told by Killer Mobile who developed Total Recall which was very effective some months ago that this was going to happen. Actually it was the end of last year when he advised me about it. I have it on my S7 and it is still effective. So as you said, I also commented the same thing. All Andriod phone just went world wide with not allowing it. But, it's not Samsung, it's Google who owns Andriod. There was an app for iPhone's as well, but the next update is going to render it useless. 


I agree with your other statement, the screenshot of the the app showing it's allowed is BS. It's a rooted phone or a photo shopped picture. IMHO 


for all you NOT belivers :smiling-face: tell you this... you need Odin, combination file for G965F some reading on XDA and ROM with proper CSC.
I used INS.

I found list of ROMs with call recording avaible

(automatic) call recording is available only for these regions:
ILO israel
XXV vietnam
My phone is not rooted, was bought as simfree from Samsung store in UK ..... more (photoshoped :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:) pictures....


Hopefully Samsung won't ban me from this forum for this :thinking-face:



Thanks all XDA peoples - they are the BEST :raised-hand-with-part-between-middle-and-ring-fingers:

So everyone who buy unlock phone can install this different csc ? I'm also buy from Samsung UK online shop but I dont know how so this 

I do not really understand. You need to root your phone ? I'm using some banking apps and I do not wish to root it. E-banking is more important than call recording.

For now, I'm carrying along my old S7 Edge for calls. With that one I can record everything directly from the phone menu. I will never update that one, even if it receives the best shiny update ever, personally from Mr. Sang-Hoon Lee (Samsung bigshot boss) :))))
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