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Calendar Categories??

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Dear Samsung,  I just upgraded to the S9 from a S5.   Loved my 5 but after time it just lagged so much.    Besides not being able to set a individual sounds for each contacts text message (which I think they are fixing) the calendar also is missing alot of things the older version had.   I use to love to be able to add a Birthday cake to the someones calendar entery so you would know it was someones birthday at a glance.  Also I could add a color background one things like the Kids School days off or even a color for my days off to quickley see.   I hope some of these things come back in updates.

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I've also seen threads concerning adding ringtones so yes hopefully they'll be able to remedy this.


I use the stock Samsung Calendar app and as such can choose a colour in it and add.a birthday cake to the calendar entry.


Mine looks like this.....





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