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Broken S9+ being told it will take 2 months to repair

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This can't be right? I love Samsung phones and have since the Galaxy S5. My S9 plus stopped working and I sent it away nearly 3 weeks ago (18 days) and they have informed that it is going to take a further 4-6 weeks to repair as the phone does have manufacture defects. By their own time frame this could mean I'll be without my expensive item for 2 months which I think is highly unacceptable considering I have paid over £600 for it. 


I bought it from a UK merchant but not from Samsung directly so you guys may not even be able to help me. I'm considering just doing a chargeback on my credit card as I have no intention of waiting this long for a phone. 


Does anyone have any advice on how this can be sorted? This time frame is absurd and quite frankly not fair.


Hi @Brokens9plusman.


This doesn't sound right. Where did you send your phone to be repaired? Was it booked in through Samsung Customer Services?

I bought the phone from TobyDeals and under their warranty the phone will be repaired if there is manufacturer defects (which there is) but no refund alternative or a new device. I was under the impression it would be repaired in Surrey as that's where they asked me to post it, but they shipped it off to Hong Kong and then informed me it'll be another 4-6 weeks, if I had known any of this I would not of bought the phone from them.


They won't refund me but at this point I don't want to be without my phone for another month as it's coming up to 1 month already.


Do I have any recourse as such?

If the phone was manufactured for the Hong Kong market, as opposed to the EU, this may be why the phone has been sent to Hong Kong for repair, as our phones can only be repaired in the region they were manufactured for.


It may be worth asking them the question though, @Brokens9plusman.

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