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Bring back the individual text tones and notifications on S9


I am somewhat regretting getting the S9 because I can't complete the simple task of setting individual text tones for my contacts. I also hate that it sounds like I have a text when an email comes in or any other notification that isn't a text since apparently separate apps aren't allowed to have different notification sounds. Please, just put it back to how you had it before Samsung!

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I couldn't agree more.

I hate being tethered to my phone.

It made it easy to know if it was something that could wait, or something/someone that I needed to address right away. 


Contacts Work/Family/Medical, Apps, Games, Alerts... knowing exactly what was going on made my life a lot simpler, and its frustrating having to keep the phone on me and  pick up my phone every single time it goes off.

Obviously, they have the capability to do this, I desperately wish they'd bring it back. It was a great convenience.

PLEASE!  We forgive you for taking it away.
PLEASE!  Just turn this feature back ON and all is forgiven. 
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