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Bluetooth doesn't work after PIE


Hi community! Bluetooth in my Samsung s9 after installing PIE doesn't work yet in my car for audio or calls

The device is connecting and disconnecting from car every minute 

Before installing new software it worked very well with never problem 

I tried to clear cache  re pairing device but same problem!

It's impossible to listen any song and it is the same with other app as YouTube or similar 

The devices stay connected for a minute and after they disconnect, after 10 seconds they automatic re connect

The car is range rover from 2018 not an old car

please help me !! 


Hi to everyone who have this problem with 

pairing and holding the Bluetooth connection 


did you try the App Force Pin Pair from the Google Playstore  


The standard Pin of BT is 0000 or 1234 

But in most cases you must know the PIN!


Maybe it's not  useful for all and not the final fix for this Issue but give a try and reply here 


For majority  of people who's use it

seems to be solved ... but not for all 

Exact same problem. New Disco Sport. Drops blutooth every minute

Infuriating to say the least, but really shouldn't have to download a third-party app for a $1000+ phone.


@Samsung, what's the latest on this issue. It's not a random anomaly obviously so a comment or acknowledgment would be appreciated by us all.

Kind Regards, 



So just collected my car from Jaguar dealership, they've put the latest update on my car. It hasn't made any difference, still cant pair my S9 for calls and media. This is absolutely ridiculous now @Samsung we need an update. 


Received a response from Samsung, saying it is the Jaguar software and not them! Despite this only starting when the Pie update was released.
They have asked me to send an error report through Samsung Members so they can look into this. I would suggest everyone start doing this and keep chasing
First Poster

Same for me with the note 8. My Range Rover Evoque keeps disconnecting and neither the calls nor the music are usable anymore. It's really unacceptable nowadays having this kind of issues, it should be a granted service with no compatibility issues.

On the car producer website they enlist the latest certified compatible sw as Android 7.xx. Unbelievable, they are 5+ years late, thus no surprise when you ask for support and they barely know what you are talking about.

I am really thinking to move to the iPhone which seems to be somehow more adherent to some standards. 

Frustration keeps going. 



Having exactly the same issue in my Jag XE MY16 with my S9+ after the OS upgrade. I tried to suss all apps and all settings last night, deleted all network settings, cleared bluetooth cache and reconnected the car and it lasted a total of about 10 mins of travel time, which I thought I fixed it! But, alas... No good. Wasn't even a call that came in that disconnected it. I've tried turning on the smart unlock when connecting to the car's Bluetooth, and I've checked that there's no contacts in my "secure folder", which was brought up in another thread. To get a stable connection, I have to choose between Audio or Calls in the bluetooth settings for the device - I cant have both. Dual Audio is also turned on in the advanced settings. It's a very frustrating problem and disappointing that there hasn't been anyone from Samsung jump on to shed any sort of light in this topic thread. Please, can we have our phone to just "work" please?

I got a new Bluetooth PIE pairing feature this week. After pairing the S9+ with the 2016 XF, just for phone and not audio to try to keep it happy, I tried to access the call list and got a pop up screen on the car: "an error occured during "screenln" of "skins/default/swf/phonecalllistsscreen.swf" Error #1010"


My work iPhone8 continues to 'just work'...  Seeing as the error is also happening on the latest S10, I'm going to need some convincing to stick with Samsung when it comes round to upgrade time next year. 



Also having the same problem with my s8 and Discovery Sport 2017 i.e. connection only holding for 5 seconds and looping despite having tried all the suggestions on the forum - thanks for the suggestions by the way everyone.


Have been messaging @Samsung who have no idea when a new update is out, informed me I cannot uninstall Pie as I requested (phone+Bluetooth worked fine before this), suggested that I log the error on the community forum and contact JLR to ask them when they are updating their Bluetooth system to be compatible with Pie!!!


So here I am 'logging' it. Needless to say, it's far easier to switch phones than the £50k car I bought only 2 years ago.


Come on @Samsung, please provide a fix for this as Bluetooth working is pretty much a given for all cars now.


For what it's worth, I've had similar issues with a different phone on Android Pie (an Essential phone).  For me, my problem seems centered on my Samsung Gear S3 watch.  When I switch the watch to airplane mode, my bluetooth problems go away.  I wonder how many of the other users here have a samsung smartwatch.

thanks maccrawk!

it could then be my garmin watch since I have no Samsung watch.

Anyway, being a serious problem to me the issue with the bluetooth in the car, I had to choose quickly between changing either the car or the phone... and you can imagine what I chose.

I went back to iphone and I have to admit that it has been hugely improved since my last iphone4.





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