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Bluetooth doesn't work after PIE


Hi community! Bluetooth in my Samsung s9 after installing PIE doesn't work yet in my car for audio or calls

The device is connecting and disconnecting from car every minute 

Before installing new software it worked very well with never problem 

I tried to clear cache  re pairing device but same problem!

It's impossible to listen any song and it is the same with other app as YouTube or similar 

The devices stay connected for a minute and after they disconnect, after 10 seconds they automatic re connect

The car is range rover from 2018 not an old car

please help me !! 


First of all, i want to say, before update non of this problem appear and for streaming I use spotify.





(wipe cache partition but, no factory reset or wipe data)

None of these value worked for me.

The best way was to keep display open (using waze :smiling-face: ), and play almost 6 song without disconnection.

And another thing, in MB when is disconnected, if a press play, the song resumes where is left.

Im not sure, but in my opinion there is a bug in BT software, related to low energy consumption for this module.



Have you DISABLED the Message sync (in BT settings for the S10 connection to the car)?

You have to disable this.


My connection is stable for streaming as well as for calls. Tested whole weekend without any droping of the BT connection (neither call nor streaming)


Thank you Robert

my phone is S8+

Ill try tomorrow. Not sure if its disable. 



My Discovery Sport has been with the dealer this morning. They have told me that Android 9.0 is not currenlty supported by JLR infotainment system. However, there is an update for the infotainment system coming out in June/July. Who knows if this will fix the issue...

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I am on my 3rd Samsung S8 with the Pie update and still having the same problem. I have a Jaguar XF 2018 that the bluetooth will connect and drop about every minute. A friend has the Google Pixel 3 XL and tried to connect my car and had the same error as my Samsung.  His phone does not fail with the Ford F150.

I have worked with my carrier several times on each phone to attempt to fix this.

No one is taking ownership to fix this.

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Ive got the exact same issue with mine since the update for the range rover evoque 


Can you please explain the changes that need to be made in developer settings. Thank you


Here is a good desciption:



If you see Build number, touch it seven times

If you don't see Build number, touch Software info, then Build number. Touch it seven times


Then follow the instructions here:

1. Bluetooth advanced settings, dual audio on (volume and ringtone sync off).

2. Developer settings, changed PBAP version to 1.1 and turned multiple PBAP properties off.

3. Unpair car from phone, and remove phone from car. 

4. Initiate a new pairing with the phone, and when asked I allowed only contact sync, not messages sync.



After months and months of trying to fix this issue. I have just done the above and so far so good. Although early days early signs are good.

If you still have problems, try installing an app called Bluetooth Phonebook from the App store. It fixed the constant disconnect/reconnect problem for me.


But please bear in mind, it fixed the (identical) problem my Google Pixel 2, not a Samsung phone.


Fingers crossed


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