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Bluetooth doesn't work after PIE


Hi community! Bluetooth in my Samsung s9 after installing PIE doesn't work yet in my car for audio or calls

The device is connecting and disconnecting from car every minute 

Before installing new software it worked very well with never problem 

I tried to clear cache  re pairing device but same problem!

It's impossible to listen any song and it is the same with other app as YouTube or similar 

The devices stay connected for a minute and after they disconnect, after 10 seconds they automatic re connect

The car is range rover from 2018 not an old car

please help me !! 


The problem appears to be Samsung's bluetooth software for the phone connection as the music connection works fine when the phone connection is off.


This is workaround that worked for me. Download a bluetooth app such as 'call to bluetooth' . I am a Samsung note 9 and land rover user.

I may have found a workaround. Since I got the car (2016 XF) I could only use music streaming through Bluetooth, if I tried to use the phone function as well it would connect and disconnect continuously. In Bluetooth settings press the 3 dots in the right corner, then advanced and there tick dual audio, untick media volume sync, untick ringtone sync and it should now work. For me it did. Also I should mention that under developer options, Bluetooth AVRCP version is set to 1.3, this might also be necessary. 

Thanks! It worked in my case too. (Samsung s8)

I have a Samsung s8 and I am experiencing the same issues with Discovery Sport(I can only connect media or phone not both at the same time) - Are you saying that using the 'Call to Bluetooth' app worked for you?

This solution works also for me 🙂

Many thanks

Range Rover Evoque and Note 8. The problem is still not solved. I guess my next phone will definitely not be android.

Yes it did, it might take a few connects/disconnects every time you start the car, but it then works.  

Same problem with S8+ on Audi A5 and Mercedes E-class.

I try everything and nothing worked. This is very annoying.

I've just noticed that Bluetooth has also got really choppy when when connected to a Bose Soundlink 😞

Hi ! I have the exact same issue with my range rover evoque. After it went to my local land rover service centre, they said that the bluetooth on the phone is too far ahead of the car and land rover need to issue a fix. Also i have found a way that aĺlows music to be played and stops the cutting out by changing the permissions on your bluetooth for your car to music only and not calls. This way i can play music but not answer calls but it will do for now! 


Hope this helps 

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