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Bluetooth connectivity issue

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Hi there, since a recent system upgrade I've been unable to turn on my Bluetooth... Anyone else had this problem? Thanks 

hi Nursenash1

try going into settings > App > tap on the three dots in the top right hand corner and tap on show system apps. > clear cache and data for all bluetooth related apps.
Hi @Nursenash1

If you go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > On, does the switch flip to the right and highlight to show it is enabled? Also, if you tap 'Scan' at the top of the screen, does the phone scan for nearby Bluetooth devices? It's worth double checking at this stage that you have enabled Bluetooth on the device you're trying to connect to, to ensure that it is visible to the phone.

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Ive deleted the cache, reset all bluetooth settings, restarted the phone but it won't turn on at all to even discover a device. It shows the spinning wheel & stops and stays black (turned off) & to the left. Id it defective??

S7 galaxy  will pair with samsung ks9000 tv but tv won't recognise it and then it says can't communicate.


The samsung tv will not find the phone on Bluetooth at all now.


For no reason at all beyond samsung intentionally updating devices to stop working or you tell me as I've tried everything. 


That doesn't exist on my s7 !?@?!? There is no clear cache :?
My tv won't even find the phone ...though it finds it in smart tv app but that sucks as a musicplayer.

Makes me so mad that working functions stop working due to samsung tinkering .

Oh well guess I better buy a new tv and phone...oh wait I already did that!
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