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Bluetooth connectivity issue

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We had a couple of updates recently which have screwed the bluetooth connection on both my S9 and my J6+ 

Now when I get into the car or on my bike the phone connects to the stereo or my Garmin but then drops connection only to reconnect  aagain, this happens over and over again sometimes rights itself in a few minutes, other times it will continue for 20+ mins, if you try to use your phone for calls or music it disconnects and plays from the phone, when it reconnected the music will have to be restarted but the call will be muted

I've factory reset the phone, clear bluetooth cache, unpaired everything and repaired, nothing seems to work

I've even took the car into Jaguar and they say they know of the issue and it's a google/android/Samsung fault

Anyone know how to fix it?

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Me too I have the same issue.

Does anyone have any advice for moving forward?


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