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Bixby voice assist trips on Lock Screen

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Hi guys,


I have noticed that, at times, on the lock screen, when I say 'Hi Bixby, the blue logo of Bixby appears but Bixby isn't activated.


It is only after multiple attempts, or after unlocking the device, do I get to use voice assist.


Is anybody else also facing the same issue? Any solution to it?


Thanks 🙂


Hi @Sid2018. Which phone are you using? Do you have stable internet connection? 

Hi Carl,

Thanks for replying.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9 and my internet connection is stable. This issue does not only happen on the lock screen but even when the device is unlocked. After 2 or 3 attempts, it responds.

If I may also bring to your notice one more issue so that you can apprise on both. When I go on to clear my notifications via 'clear' tab, my email notifications keep on ringing through the entire process of clearing. It is utterly irritating when at a public place. I have tried clearing the cache and all but to no avail. Several other people have also reported this issue. Is it a hardware or a software problem ?

Any solution to these problems?
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