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Battery on s9


Battery drop after 38%Battery drop after 38%

Hi, I have a problem.

My battery dies really fast after 38% approximately, it decends to 33%, then to 25, then to 17% then to 5% or so so without passing for the other numbers as you can see on the screen shot. I do not know if it's a bad calibration or what. Please help

@Adrian091: I can see that your screen seems to be takign up an abnormal amount of battery, therefore I recommend going to Settings > Display > Brightness (Reduce to a suitable level) > Auto Brightness (Off). It is also wroth trying the following energy saving tips to see if this helps.
- Enable Power Saving mode (Settings > Device Care > Battery > Power Mode)
- Switch off GPS, WiFi and Mobile data when not in use
- Disable or shut down any applications when not in use.
- Delete any recently installed 3rd party applications
The GPS, Wifi, and others are always off when not in use, i do take tare of them. And I haven't installed any apps recently. Maybe it's a bad calibration or something.

You can reduce the screen brightness too.

Please check if your phone has a new software update. Settings > Software update > tap Download and install.

If persists, please do a factory data reset, but please backup your phone data first. You may use Smart Switch app to back up to an SD card or computer.

Thanks ^_^
thx, I contacted samsung´s online help service and they asked me to call *#0228#, do u know if it would be useful?

Dialling that number will give you the battery status, @Adrian091

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