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Battery life shockingly bad


This battery life issue on the s9 is terrible.


It has been awfull since the very first update.


I will not even get half of day out od this device anymore.


Can this be addressed please?

@djshaunyg: Sorry to hear that you're having battery issues with your Galaxy S9. I recommend charging your phone to 100% using your official charger, using the phone as you would normally so it drains to 50%, then going to Settings > Device Care > Battery > Battery Usage. Here you can see which apps are using the most battery, and disable the apps you don't frequently use, when they're not in use. I also recommend the following steps.
- Enable Power Saving mode
- Reduce your screen brightness
- Switch off GPS, WiFi and Mobile data when not in use
- Delete any recently installed 3rd party applications
Ok so there seems to be no issues with apps draining the battery.

This phone loses over 11% battery life from being switched off at 100% complete around 2am from when i wake up around 8am to 89%. No apps open or no internet connection.

There has been an issue with battery life on this device now for around a year.

It was perfect when i bought the phone. And it has been terrible ever since its very first update to Android Pie.

I enrolled in the beta testing and i believe in the very first update beta 1.0 the battery life was amazing, like it was when i purchased the device. Ever since the new updates came through it got gradually worse. Now on the official android 10 and it is still terrible.
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