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Battery dies after turning off ultra power saving mode

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I have encountered the same problem several times before. If my phone (s9) is doesn't have very high battery before work I'll switch it to ultra power saving mode in case I need it since I cannot use it while working. Every single time I turn ultra power saving mode off the battery drains within five minutes. I just tested it and within 2 minutes it went down from 8 percent to dead. This has happened every time I needed to extend my battery so has anyone else experienced similar problems? Anyone have any solutions?

Superuser I
Superuser I
Thats kinda extreme if you ask me, does it also drop this quick when its not in ultra power save mode on the last percentages?

If yes: Try to charge the phone to 100% and do not charge it again until it dies, repeat this cycle 3 times. This effectively recalibrates your battery.
If no: In this case I would consider it a software bug.
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