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App/APK installing problem in Android Pie


After my S9 getting the Pie update, apps and individual apk files can not install properly any more. Even if by using Samsung App Store to update the apps, they will be stuck during the installation. I did a factory reset, and now the Samsung Store itself gets stuck in the installation.

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Does anyone have this problem?

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Superuser I

After I completed the Samsung One Ui  / Pie update all my apps optimised just fine.


I personally prefer not to use Apk Files as they can cause issues.


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre should be able to help you with the issue.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone Owner.
I have no affiliation with Samsung.

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Got the solution guys , just turn off the play protect in the Google play store ,and the apps won't stuck on installation anymore

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I think it's a bug in 9 pie one ui update, the play protect tab should be running in background exactly in recents tab to make installation done, I know it's weird, if I close the google play store from the recents tab ,then again it freezes on installation


even if i turn it off the app installation in samsung store still gets stuck lol


There is a bug in the Google Play Store that I found which has a similar effect.  The way I clear that is to go to Settings, Apps, Google Play Store, Storage, Clear Data.  Perhaps doing this on the Galaxy Store will help you.

It's not a permanent solution and you will have to repeat it regularly, but I have yet to find something better.


Hey guys, I may got a possible solution.


Clearing cache and data may solve this but not all the time.


My solution is very simple.


Every time if there is a stuck installation whether from Google Play, Samsung Store, in-app upate or individual apk file, go to Google Play -> Settings -> Protect my updates. Turn this on and off or off and on and keep it off when you switch away. Then install the updates you wanted and wait for them to finish.


This works for me in every situation now, no need to clear cache and data. 


I found this page via google search. I had similar problem on my S8+ android 9 : stuck on installing from google/samsung/individual apk.


After 2 days I found this solution which saved me from factory reset:

"settings > apps " then select "Reset app preferences" from 3 dots menu at right top. Restart your mobile and that's it. play store back to normal!


***** u didn't work 


Similar problem on S8. After "reset app preference" from setting menu. Now apk installation and updates are working. Thanks.

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