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AOD orientation / auto rotate


For the love of everything, could we please have this option already? Several models have it by now, and it's not something limited by the S9's hardware either, so why on earth is this not a thing yet? Do we seriously have to wait for another year for Android 10, or will it be missing from that too? 


Generally speaking, never even mind the slow as molasses updates for older models; the fact that Samsung deliberately omits smaller software "tricks" and features like this on older models is even more irksome. (The Note10's zoom-in mic? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it used to be a feature on the S9 as well, under the name audio zoom. Oddly enough, I can't find it in the camera settings anymore, I wonder why...) Even though they obviously don't have an issue with giving an entire new look that completely turns the user experience upside down.

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