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Android pie Bugs


My s9 was a perfect phone,  but I got the official android pie update last week (G960FXXU2CRLI) and now I am having a lot of issues.


The call log (recent calls) is all messed up, completely wrong.  I got calls from 9 different people today, but it only shows the last one  with a (9) on the side, as if all the calls were made by that contact..


Samsungpass is not working anymore. I had this configured for 2 apps. Now both crash when I try to use my fingerprint to login.


I can't use Google pay. I can add the card, but when I try to verify it, the screen flashes and nothing happens (it was supposed to ask me to open my bank app, among other verification options). It is not a problem with my card, since I had it configured on Google pay previously and used it for 6 months for nfc payments.


And there are other minor bugs... I even think smartstay is not working.right. I tried a reset, but it did not solve anything.


It seems that this update was not ready yet. Worst update ever.



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That's not good @Ldmelo :(


When you say you tried a reset was that a Factory Reset  ?


Can you put your phone in Safe Mode please which disables any downloaded Apps and leaves the Stock ones working which can help troubleshoot if this is rogue apps that are causing this.


Disable any themes and 3rd Party Launchers if relevant.


If it happens in Safe Mode then it does sound like either the phone is still indexing after the update , settling in, or the new Samsung One Ui is indeed glitching your phone.


Feedback like yours is crucial for Samsung to be able to address issues and as such the Samsung Team here will feed this back.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B._ Samsung One Ui 2.1 / Android 10.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.
Samsung Galaxy Buds.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A {2016}SM-T580


Thank you for your support, @BandOfBrothers


I think the problem is mostly solved. 


What I had done was a Factory data reset”.


Yesterday, after the message I decided to try it again. I erased all the call history and did a new reset.  After restoring everything, I disabled samsung syncing (samsung cloud), since I suspected that some call history syncing could have been causing the problem.  I don't what did the trick, but the call log is now working fine. Also, after the process I managed to add my card to google pay.


Samsungpass is still crashing one of the apps (easynvest trade), but that is a minor issue.






Im from Brasil. Same problem here

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Same problem here. Also, my calls were not completing when dialing until I disabled the VoLTE. Sometimes it still doesn't call, I tried turning the 4g and WiFi on and off and it sometimes fixed it I guess, now I have no idea where is this problem ocurring. A few times, after not calling, a popup message displayed the the phone process was having issues, and I sent a report feedback, not sure how that was named exactly.

I don't want to make a factory data reset now because all the backup and restore could take some time I don't have right now...

Also from Brazil

Hope someone can help us!


Using Galaxy S9+ SM-G9650

One UI 1.0 Android 9

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Same problem here. From Brazil. 


Additonaly, one of my SIM cards do not make calls. It can receive, intent 4g working, but I cannot make any call. The other SIM is working fine.

I've tried changing SIM 1 and 2 position in the tray, same issue.


When I tried on another not updated phone, the problem did not appeared, meaning that the problem is my phone.


I'll try a hard reset, but this is completely unacceptable for a high end phone.


S9+ here.


Thank you. 

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Same issue on my S9+ here in Brazil. I beleave that the app called OPERADORA DDD ( could be responsible for VoLTE callings problems. The call log bug is still a mistery.


Did you try Google play music? It stops suddenly......and I've noticed it's related to the time set in Screen Timeout

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No I didn't. Actually I use Spotify and it's working fine.

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In fact this "Operadora DDD" app is also responsible for the bug in the call log. It causes the last call to be replicated throughout the log. It must have something to do with the apps permission to change the call log. When you turn off this permission, or turn off (or uninstall) this app, your call log will behave as usual again.


Na verdade esse aplicativo Operadora DDD é também o responsável pelo bug no histórico de ligações. Ele faz com que a última ligação feita seja replicada por todo o histórico. Deve ter alguma coisa a ver com a permissão do aplicativo para alterar o histórico de chamadas. Quando desativo essa permissão, ou desativo (ou desinstalo) esse app, o histórico de ligações volta a se comportar normalmente.


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