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Android pie beta program


Does anyone know if Samsung are launching a beta program for Android pie? The early builds are out. 

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I told him it's an English forum and to use it you must speak english

Hello i need help

I am newbie on android os. 

I have a g965f say a internarional version

But i didn't know exactly my s9 came from

Can anyone help me.

Where my device came from? 

And i don't see update when checking update

Im upload a about phoneIMG-20190120-WA0008.jpg



You can See there ist the CSC Code "TEL" @ your Softwareversion. This is an Australian Carier CSC.

This means it depends on this Carier when you will get an Update to Android Pie!


I hope this will Help you

Greets  Falco


Thanks for info

What my device is locked if i use other carrier?  


I don't think so..  today the most device are not Provider/carier locked. So if you want to you can install a Branding Free Software whichbis supposed to get the Update earlier. But in this case you have to now what u do. 


Update now in the UK .... Screenshot_20190122-081529_Samsung Members.jpg



Here you go ....Screenshot_20190122-081942_Software update.jpg



Is that the actual update or just a security patch? I got the same one the other day, but i'm not sure whether i'm still on the Beta or whether i've actually migrated to the new version.  I'm not even sure how to tell. 


I believe its the final version. My wife also has a S9+ and wasn't on the beta programme now has exact same build as mine. 


This came with a security patch. 


Ah cheers.  Best way of finding out, I suppose,  is seeing if my Google Pay has started working again. It was blocked during the beta phase, so i've been unable to use it for a few months now.

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