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Android pie beta program


Does anyone know if Samsung are launching a beta program for Android pie? The early builds are out. 

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@Mereutacristian wrote:

:thinking-face: So i can see most of my friends whit Android P on they're devices and they make fun of me because i own a Samsung and they make jokes about me every single day....I dont understand why Samsung is so slow whit updates? Why so slow? They dont care or what? Another big issue is that today is 24 september and Samsung didn't relese in Uk the security patch for this month. They will relese the september security patch in octomber. So slowwwww. If Android P dont come this month i will 100% switch to pixel or huawei coz Samsung take to long to give to custemers what they whant 

I would have thought they would and fairly soon.


Its here Android pie beta



Screenshot_20181224-085902_Samsung Internet.jpg



Only for the beta tester?

No for all

Fake i dont have any stable 9os update

@Mereutacristian its not fake in Germany just start today look in Sammobile

That's the reason why this galaxy s8 is my last Samsung ever. They forget about you as soon as you buy the phone. My gf has iPhone 6 and got the most up to date ios! No more Samsung. I don't care about their tests, network tests and so on. I need quick updates. I don't want them to put their bloatware rubbish on the top of clean Android. all that ***** irritates people. Just give me clean Android and nothing else, but most up-to-date. Or most probably I will switch to iphones and that's it. More expensive, but at least they don't dump you the very next day.
Even more fun, my friend has Xiaomi, yes, Xiaomi. And few days ago received Android pie! But his phone is 4 times cheaper than my S8! Why on earth am I paying???? Bue Samsung, forever.

So either you already knew all this and still bought a Samsung, or you did not do any research before buying Samsung and are now complaining about it.... either way it's hardly anyone's fault but your own lol





I knew, but I would never assume that paying 830£ for phone will leave me with no updates. Isn't that Samsung being cheeky? Their choice to forget about a paying customer, my choice to dump them all together. Fair enough
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