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Android pie beta program


Does anyone know if Samsung are launching a beta program for Android pie? The early builds are out. 

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I'm starting to think the same 

I contacted the Tech support line through the Samsung Members app  and was told that the beta testing programme IS available in the UK today. Samsung Customer services after care is the worst I've ever had to deal with. I've had hell with them over problems with THREE devices and now with simply trying to find out what's what. Samsung will bend over backwards to take your money for their tech but after care and customer support is the worst ever. 

You would think they would know what is going on and not go by here say. 

I appreciate the fact the fact that they have Customer service centres all over the world but its no excuse they have the technology to update and provide correct info to its paying customers. 

I'm going to move away from Samsung not just because of this beta issue but all the trouble, time and stress caused over my there devices. 

It's just not what I expect from a global brand like Samsung .

If i knew how i would post a screen shot of my chat with this Customer service centre today yo show you all exactly what she said. 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡


Yeh hi. This is exactly what every single support assistant has been saying but no one on this forum seems to be able to access anything on the notice section or anything beta related in the samsung members app for that matter

Thanks for the reply moderator but we already know this information, some of us know more than actually Samsung support them self 👎 (no disrespect to you)
How can such a big company have such misleading incorrect information within itself is beyond me.

I love Samsung always will, but they have recently proven to me how they deal with these kind of things..
@WhoCares: It sounds like you meet the criteria. As long as you applied for a spot on the programme via the Members App then you are in with a chance of receiving the update, although please be aware that there are a limited number of spots available.

So reading this chat is interisting..  the german beta start has delayed to for 4 days.. it should start on 15. NOV.  And started on 19. NOV. Because of unexspected problems... and one thing guys.... the samsung support got no idea when the beta starts.. und more they leaked so many false statements

Think about it


I think you will be hard pressed to get any decent service from most global companies, with a few exceptions.


Microsoft have been appalling for me.  A great onlin community of Beta Testers / Insiders but when something goes wrong (with non-Beta stuff) its incredibly hard to find anyone that is paid enough to care.  MS completely wiped all my contacts from my paid Hotmail account I had accumulated over 10+ years from my Hotmail account this year.  One ***** said its a migration and you should get them back in a few weeks.  Another engineer actually tried and then eventually, 3 weeks later they recovered a backup.

MS phone issues etc.  Virgin Media... many operators cant help you if you go off script.

Similar with a faulty Parrot Drone, useless.

I think the Apple shops are pretty good from memory and using Google for Business the support was great.

Unfortunately we are small voices in a global market.  I know, enough leave and all that but thats the way it goes 😞


How do we apply for a spot in the program though if there is no option?
Hi. What update do you mean ?
Is there a .zip file I can download and install rather than waiting. Thank you 🙂

Hi Andrew so do I. But the fact is samsung members app has not been updated to show the beta. Can you confirm that the samsung members app is up to date and has the beta option available moderator?

awesome, I have been checking the app for over a week and I didnt get any application to apply. does that mean the registration for beta trial is over?
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