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Android 10 Messed up my phone.


my phone was working perfectly fine before the update, for 3 years! no problems. and now i have this really really annoying problem. 


i have 2 sim cards. my mobile data is set to use mobile data from sim 1 and not sim 2. whenever my phone switches wifi off or just randomly my phone would switch to mobile data on sim 2 by itself!!!!! it would turn off data on sim 1 and use data on sim 2. SAMSUNG FIX THIS PLEASE! IM FED UP OF THIS ISSUE!!! everyone is having it. 


Galaxy S9+ Android 10. 

New Member

I have the same problem with my A50. Since the update of android 10, wifi crashes quite often. forinfo , we have 2 A50. one is still with android 9, he has no problem with wifi. I updated mine with android 10 , got always issues with wifi. the smartphone is ok. th eproblem is android 10. The 2nd smartphone with android 9 works well. I hope we will get a fix for that otherwise i can only make a factory reset.


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