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Add calorie info to health by photograph on s9+


How do I add calories to Samsung health by taking a photo like they did at the s9 unveiling???? 


Hi guys. :robothappy:


We're currently  checking into this one at our end for you.

Awesome- many thanks

Screenshot_20180318-060725_Samsung Members.jpg



I hate when Samsung does this - announce an interesting new feature and decide not to mention its availability is limited at launch.

A user earlier in this thread posted a screenshot of it identifying a banana correctly.

In Ireland we have the same ***** bananas lol.

In fact, everything available I the Irish market can also be found in the UK so it makes no sense whatsoever in my mind

Seen an update for Bixby vision , glad I didn't hold my breath on the food option been added as it wasnt added, very disappointed I am 

Really disliking these shady practices by Samsung.


I feel cheated out of the device that was promised.


And what is with all the cloak and dagger on these things. Go searching through Samsung sites and can't find any official information on any of this.

Shocking its still not on it. The 1 feature i was looking forward to 

This is the feature most of the people looking for .It was largely promoted before releasing the phone ...


Hey Ho,


I am in Perth, Australia ... was also hoping to see the Food calorie feature, but it's not there .... upon reading some forums and seeing some caviats on samsung website, if not mistaken I believe I have read it saying features only available in certain countries.


Definitely the FOOD and Shopping Features arent here in Australia that i am sure... unless anyone else has any updates around it ?

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