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s24 ultra Battery drained fast on and overheat

(Topic created on: 08-04-2024 08:59 AM)
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When I first used the phone, I already felt it was hot. My phone feels hot when I use it lightly. There were no apps in use in the background at the time, just Spotify, which I was listening to, so I just took the phone to 1utama's service center and had them diagnose it.

I gave them my phone on Sunday and they called me on Thursday to tell me I could get my phone back. When I went there and asked them what they had done, they just said the monitoring was fine and I took it back. I called but when I got home I still found the same problem. using spotify only also still 38-39 degrees . and using camera also same 

Something more serious happened today. Around 1130 in the morning, the battery of the mobile phone was 93%. I went out to work. I used Spotify on the go and the battery dropped by 20% in 50 minutes. The temperature of the phone also reached 39 degrees. I was in the car and it wasn't hot. I used my phone's screen recording mode. In the video, I can see that there is only Spotify running in the background of the phone, but our temperature reaches 39°. I have attached the video as well. Later I also contacted customer service and they asked me to do a series of tests, but the final results were the same. Under normal circumstances, the battery level is 93% when I go out. When I get home from get off work, my phone still has 45-50% battery left. But after only using it for half a day today, my phone only has 45% of power left.

You said that it is normal for the phone to be warm, and I agree, but if there are many applications open, the temperature of the phone is normal. But I just turned on spotify on my phone and the battery dropped from 93 to 71 within 50 minutes, and the temperature also rose to 39°. I think this situation is abnormal. I only use the phone to listen to music and the temperature reaches 39°. Wouldn't it reach a higher temperature if I play games?

So I want to ask Samsung how are you going to solve my problem. I'm afraid you'll ask me to take the phone to a service center again and get the same results. I only have a mobile phone. If I keep leaving my phone at the service center like this, it will have a serious impact on my life.

Try not to use Spotify for a day and see what your device is doing, wether it drains a lot or gets to warm again.

I just started experiencing this with my phone yesterday - thus my look at 4am to try to figure out what is going on.  For me the app is YouTube that seems to be killing my phone battery and causing it to heat up tremendously!   It makes no sense why this has become a sudden problem. 

If anyone has a solution I would really appreciate it!

My S23U was STONE COLD in UK - now I am at Canary Islands where is 30C and phone is boiling when used - simple physics

I have been experiencing the same issue even with all the apps closed. For about two months.

From 28-32°C (84-90°F) to 40-44°C (104-111°F) with no apparent reason.
No apps in the background, no network activity (mobile data off) and still the battery temperature is super high and the battery itself drains very fast.

A temporary workaround which works for me for a few minutes, sometimes longer, is turning off the SIM cards and turning them back on or airplane mode OFF/ON.

If anyone wanted to read more about my experience with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S24), I wrote a post with more details in another thread.

In my personal opinion, there is either a firmware/driver problem or a hardware problem related to the chip which regulates the mobile signal.