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Help! S Pen is TOO sensitive!

(Topic created on: 16-04-2024 08:03 PM)
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Hey y'all.  

I just recently within the last month moved from the S23 Ultra to the S24 Ultra. My S23 had been giving me 10 kinds of hell with its variety of S Pen issues which were never resolved, despite several phone replacements and several S Pen replacements , both from Samsung & other websites like Amazon, etc. 

One of the most exciting things for me when upgrading was the high hopes that the S Pen fight was over with. I can say, now that I've had my phone right at a month and a couple of weeks, my S Pen issues from the S23 are no longer a thing. However , now the S Pen on this phone is entirely too sensitive! I can't use it to write, draw, markup, or even edit fine detail because it's sooo sensitive! I'm so frustrated I could scream! I've reset the Pen, I've tried to recalibrate, I've made sure my screen settings weren't set to be more sensitive such as the option when using screen protectors (even though my screen doesn't recognize a lot of things because of my screen protector now), and so now I don't know what else to do. I will admit, I love me some Samsung Galaxy S Series. First "fancy" phone I had was the Galaxy Note 4 Edge, the OG edge screen. I've had the S20, S21, S23, now the S24, all of them the Ultra or whatever the highest tier was. They're probably a waste on me, because I don't have a clue ¼ of the things my phone can do, or how to make it do those things. I used to be so up-to-date on tech, the one all the older relatives would call for help. Now, at barely 30, I feel so old and so behind, and my smart devices tend to make me feel stupid regularly. I just really have the phone for the camera, because hobby photography, and the S Pen's extremely sensitive reactions make editing or creating frustrating and oftentimes impossible. 


What do I do?! 

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What screen protector do you have applied? What type and brand