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Disastrous battery life after April update/ Samsung Galaxy s24 ultra

(Topic created on: 04-04-2024 06:42 PM)


Anybody else experiencing serious battery drain issues after April update on galaxy s24 ultra?


I updated the phone and, on mobile network mostly and with work profile activated, I can barely manage 6 hours screen on time, if I'm lucky. In standby also, the performance is disappointing for a flagship.


I came on s24 ultra from a p30 pro with a noticeable smaller battery, and I'm very disappointed, especially after this update. When I first got the phone in January, the battery life was excellent. Update after update, battery performance seems to be degrading. I hereby attach a screenshot

Thank you 



I have the same problem after the recent update.  From 85%to 72% after taking 8 pictures and checking messages for 5 mins.

Not sure if they are going on iPhone way for stuffing up the battery for couple of year old phones...

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Mine is doing the same thing. Hope the next update will fix this.


Im having same issue

Samsung S24 , from 100 to 85% with 1 hour screen off. 

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No issue, updated 25th May/24. Battery is lasting 2 days with these two settings:

Power Saving => On

Performance Profile => Light


I have a Samsung Galaxy S24 and am experiencing the same problem: battery very hot and draining very fast 🔋🔥

By using DevCheck app I was able to measure the battery temperature and its real-time usage (mA).

While the issue is occurring the battery discharging values are between -800mA and -1200mA, instead of something like -30mA and -250mA.
And the temperature from 28-32°C (84-90°F) to 40-44°C (104-111°F).

All the above keeps occurring even after having all the apps closed, the mobile data turned off (no Internet) and the CPU usage very low.
As a temporary workaround turning Airplane mode ON and back OFF will resolve the issue, but not for long. Alternatively, still while the mobile data is turned off (or on, it doesn't matter here), manually switching off the SIM cards resolves the issue, temporarily.

This is worrying because it feels like the firmware/driver has an issue with managing the chip regulating the mobile signal. This is my impression.

I have attached two screenshots from DevCheck app, showing before (high battery drains while seeing high temperature) and after (SIM cards just turned off and on again, lower battery drain, temperature decreasing quickly).


I have the same issue, my phone won't survive even half a day after being charged completely and with minimum use. Is there any update on this issue? 


Hey I'm facing nmbattery drain quickly after latest update ?is anyone face thus problem??
I have no idea if this will help anyone else... but I also noticed that my S24U battery drain has been incredibly bad since recent updates - i.e. unable to even get half a day's usage without charging (when I used to easily go 24-36hrs without the need to charge). Soooo I looked around and found the usual suggestions to (1) disable work profile, (2) clear the cache partition, and (3) factory reset.

None of them worked for me, and in fact I wasn't even able to clear the cache partition (because I kept getting an error when trying to boot into recovery mode - _ - ).

Anyway, I had also suffered/noticed the new bug with Samsung Email (which is another known and widely reported bug, where a notification will pop-up saying "syncing emails" that doesn't go away; it's possible to swipe/dismiss it, but the process is still running in the background thereafter).

Long-story-short, after restarting my phone a handful of times (trying to launch in safe mode) this "synching emails" bug started to annoy me even more than the battery issue(!), soooo I started digging into that niggle instead, and even wondered if the two problems could be related...

Cutting a long story short, I noticed that --for some unknown reason-- the two accounts that I've got setup on Samsung Email had their "sync" options turned off in the app settings (which I definitely didn't do!). I've always had both turned on, and even have custom peak/off-peak schedules for each account. This got me thinking - maybe the recent updates somehow turned their "sync" setting off, which in turn (1) caused the "synching emails" bug, which (2) was potentially also creating a background conflict between the Samsung email client wanting to sync but being unable to do so, which in turn (3) might be resulting in the bananas battery/heat problems.

I then did this:
- Switched my two email accounts' sync schedules back on in the app settings.
- Turned that specific Samsung Email "synching" noticiation off.
- Turned all Samsung Email noticiations off.
- Turned both of those notification types back on.

I have NO IDEA if that's what actually made a difference, but I've suddenly got my usual battery usage back again..! To be fair it's only been one day so far, but thus far it feels like SOMETHING worked.

P.s. The only other random thing that's worth mentioning is that after I'd tried to repeatedly boot my phone into recovery or safe mode, a handful of my desktop widgets randomly disappeared (when starting it normally afterwards). These included Email, Calendar, Spotify, Weather, and Photo widgets. Super weird, and I've already added them all back in (without any negative impact on battery), but figured it might be worth highlighting just in case the underlying cause was actually something to do with one of those widgets wiggin' out. :S

Good luck to you all whatever the case!

In my case it was fixed updating Google Play Services. 

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same for me after that update, honestly thinking about switching to something else - phone that doesn't survive 1 day with light usage and a few hours of screen time is a waste of money