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Why is Samsung an apple clone?

(Topic created on: 12-06-2023 08:15 PM)
Samsung used to be trend setters but unfortunately they are becoming if not clones of Apple, Apple started off with No expendable memory and now Samsung has copied Apple why??? This forces customers to pay for bigger storage up front? Yes Samsung will say you've got the Samsung cloud ☁️ yes but what happens if something goes wrong like when I uploaded photos and videos to it and lost half of them, I'm Postive Samsung would sell loads more of the base GB mobile phones if you had SD Expandable memory slot, 

Samsung once again copied Apple and removed the Charger from the box??? This was done on environmental impact grounds??? Yeah who's Samsung trying to kid it's all down to cutting costs, as most people sell their Charger with their old phone and now Samsung has to separately box the phone and charger which must not be good for the environmental as it means extra packaging and shipping costs which must increase Samsung's carbon footprint and extra post and packaging costs, Samsung just put the charger in the box and make the box and all internal packaging 100% from recycled materials 

On about chargers come on Samsung where is 65W or even 100W charging speeds on other phones???

Please install a screen protector with your phones or provide one and a basic case for your phones and make the unboxing experience special for customers who have spent £1,200 or a phone to have a plain old black box with nothing inside except the phone and a charging cable, talking about charging cable why doesn't Samsung make their charging cable more premium looking braided and having Samsung writing on it 

Don't get me wrong I love Samsung Mobile phones but come on Samsung be different from Apple 
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Hi @popmaster109 

This subject matter you raise has been much discussed on the forum and I do appreciate your opinions too @popmaster109 

In regards to Sd Card slots I have been at the messy end of various Sd Cards failing meaning a loss of my information.

To date I've not had a failure from Samsung Cloud or Dropbox.

That said I appreciate why some want Sd Card slots.

I'm no engineer but I'm assuming the space a Sd Card module sat in has now been used up with alternative hardware etc.

The same as I appreciate some want 3.5mm earphone Jack's even though I always use Bluetooth Earphones and Buds myself.

When another major manufacturer makes a change to either their hardware or software and indeed what they supply in the box it would be in my opinion a mistake not to take notice and make a decision themselves on the avenues they intend to take.

Should there be a charging brick included with the phone _ yes I believe so.

Samsung I'm sure will have carried out due diligence to see if people retained a factory fitted screen protector on their phone or peeled it off and chose their own or decided to go without one.

So even one factory fitted screen protector that's peeled off and possibly not recycled creates a footprint.

This is possibly why Samsung stopped fitting them and now sell one or people buy their preferred or favourite / trusted variety.

In my opinion I like how Samsung have gone as minimal as possible with their packaging to lessen landfill as best as possible.

I've purchased Samsung phone's from Hong Kong and this did come with a soft tpu type case which was nice and I'm sure some would use these even just until their preferred case was delivered.

But then there's the argument that an included clear tpu case could end up in landfill as an unwanted item.


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Samsung and Apple are two of the biggest smartphone sellers in the world and doing what you mentioned does help the environment.

1. I am all for cloud storage as its more secure and easy to access. If your phone is lost or damaged and stuff.

Also people like me who charge their phones overnight don't need fast charging as the old Samsung 15 Watts chargers work just fine.

My S21 Ultra supports upto 25 Watts which I have just in. Are for the odd quick daytime charge.

I understand everybody's idea of the perfect phone is different.
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As samsung saying helping the environment that's not true at all, my galaxy s23 ultra came in box that could easily fit 6/8 galaxy s23 ultra box L 😂L. Actually that's money making scam.
I'm sure with the SD card situation it was down to it causing the phone to perform slower as the sd card read and write speed are very slow in comparison to that of the internal storage. I had a Sony Xperia z3 years ago with a similar issue. It was android marshmallow and they had promised the SD card could be used as emulated internal storage but due to the speed differences they had to scrap that and it was used for storage only as it was too slow an option
Can't disagree with you, spot on comment.
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in terms of design/functionality and  customisation Samsung is distinct from Apple.  obviously some are not happy with the removal of the SD card slot from the flagships  but  Samsung are unlikely to have a rethink on this, no matter the deep feelings.   The focus is now on Cloud storage and bigger internal storage options are  now available.  1 TB was available direct from Samsung for both the S22 and S23 Ultras.    it also allow manufacturers like Samsung to create more streamlined designs which are more   aesthetically pleasing.

For those who so not like cloud storage as has been mentioned Local Storage is another choice  (personally I use   both), though will not suit everyone.  Not been a big fan of SD cards in recent years as they are not the fastest technology and can be prone to error (though there are some premium ones available).

There is an argument from removing chargers as standard on eco grounds (though the packaging from the big companies is not always ideal),there is some commercial interest in the decisions though.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

I think the decision to remove SD cards and the 2.5mm Audio jack as well as no charger are predominantly commercial decisions which will encourage consumers to buy more stuff. Cloud storage is fine as long as you have an internet connection but if you have no signal or no available WiFi then anything online is not accessible. SD cards are considerably slower than internal storage e.g I think the max Samsung SD card is 500mbs but are useful for files such as pictures, videos and documents etc but there is the risk of SD card failure etc. I think of the Cloud as more of a backup service but it can be expensive if you need a lot. I think it's best to open files from the device which is faster and more stable but backup to the cloud so you can continue your work etc if you have no internet connection but Cloud storage can be a life saver should your device fail or get stolen etc so it's pros and cons. Re the headphone jack. Audio quality is better via a wired connection although Bluetooth technology is improving but not quite there yet but again I think removal of the audio jack is mainly to encourage people to buy additional accessories etc. I think there are pros and cons with every direction, but I think SD cards and Audio Jacks are history in high end devices but many mid range and lower end phones will have them for a while yet as consumers in those brackets tend not to be as brand loyal so will go elsewhere for devices
I've discussed this a few times before on the forum and my opinion has only strengthened over time. The movement away from bundling charging bricks, cheap earphones and the like is a good thing overall. I do have to say that it's not being done as effectively as it could be currently.

I remember when I received my S21 Ultra on pre order I received a huge box with 3 more boxes inside (pre order bonus included Buds Pro and a Smart tag) and concluded then it was a ridiculous scam and a waste of resources. I said that bundling countless products with the phone whilst removing the charger was hugely ironic if their goal was to be a greener company. All that still holds true. I also thought the S21 Ultra was a bit too beefy at the time.

They've managed to trim it down since which is good. I also thought the pre order promotion for the S23 lineup was the best one yet in terms how 'green' it was as it wasn't lumped with products this time, instead it offered a storage boost and a discount which meant I got the 512GB S23 Ultra for under £900.

But they still send the packaged phone in a box that's oversized, as do Amazon and other companies but Amazon has to deal with thousands of different products of varying sizes but Samsung does not, yeah they sell a lot of stuff but it's not comparable. I don't see why they can't just send the phone without a box, why does there need to be a box for the box? Just wrap it in some bubble wrap and send it to me that way. Next they need to get rid of the USB-C cable in my opinion, everyone should have one at this point if not 10 of them.

If everyone has a charger and a USB-C cable then phones can just be sold or recycled by themselves and that way there much less waste going on. I have an entire drawer stuffed full of redundant cables, chargers and other stuff that's accumulated over 15 years of purchases. I also have a second drawer of cables for cables and chargers I use more often. The problem is cross compatibility with companies using different charging standards to each other meaning some 45w chargers for example won't charge Samsung's 45w capable devices at the advertised speed therefore leading to the purchase of additional chargers by consumers wanting the best possible charging times.

When the decision was made to abandon inviting chargers in the box it was undoubtedly going to lead to a larger carbon footprint in the short term but long term it will certainly lead to less of a carbon footprint. More needs to be done in that respect.

Here's a size comparison of the S20, S21 and S23 boxes I just took that shows the progress they've made so far.20230615_080100_1000003526_1686815381.jpg
No it doesn't help the environment as alot of people sell their old chargers in the box and will buy a new one and this means buying a separate box with extra packaging and all the extra production carbon footprint etc lots of other companies sell the charger in the box and a free screen protector and a case come on samsung