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System sounds only play when another audio (e.g. music or a video) is playing?

(Topic created on: 17-05-2024 08:32 PM)
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I've searched and googled regarding this issue but couldn't find anything helpful.

I got a new S23+ a few days ago and I quickly noticed that even with sound turned on, with all volume meters turned up, my system sounds and notifications just won't play aloud until I either connect earbuds to the phone or if I play some kind of music, video, etc. first.

When the video/music/etc is playing, or if my buds are connected, I can then hear all system sounds fine, like pressing the back/home button, keytaps on the keyboard, notification sounds, etc. It plays like normal. The sounds are clear when they're working so it's not a "system sounds are just very quiet" issue (at least I don't think so?) Also, my phone is not on Do Not Disturb.

Without the video/music/some kind of audio feedback playing, all of my system sounds just completely stop playing aloud and it's like it may as well be on mute.

Does anyone know what could be causing this, am I just missing something simple? I've also fully updated my phone to the latest updates so I don't think it's that.

Also, not sure if this is helpful or relevant, but I also noticed that my vibration doesn't work at all, not even when running diagnostic tests 😕

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Can you try booting to safe mode and see if the problem still exists.

Long press power button, long press on power icon, tap safe mode icon. Phone will boot into safe mode whereby all 3rd party apps and customisations will be disabled. If the notification sounds and vibration start working, then it's likely a conflict with any 3rd party app or customisation you have.