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Samsung/Foursquare UK private address map error

(Topic created on: 27-07-2023 10:45 AM)
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Not certain if anyone else has encountered this issue before or if anyone in the Samsung community has been able to answer a previous question, but here goes.....

I'm throwing down my last ditch,  "Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" wildcard here, so here's hoping that any Han Solo or giant Wookie out there can help out.......

I am attempting to update my Samsung account details on my S23 Ultra and have run into a really irritating issue that's driving me nuts! It's all to do with pinpointing my Home location on my account. Now forgive me for stating the obvious, but Samsung are using Foursquare to "power" this , which is primarily a business-based system is it not? Am I stating the obvious when saying, why not use Google instead as this utilises both private & business address/map data across the globe!

I have already contacted Google very easily by filling out one of their online forms and they got back to me in a few days to tell me that it wasn't their map that was at issue and they are correct, because I have checked that by entering our postcode and bing-bang-bosh! Home address correct, asking with streetview picture of our home!

No such luck with Foursquare, as no matter how many times I attempt to change the postcode/address on the location entry part in order to link a home location, the old address & postcode data (which incidentally doesn't exist) just reappears! When I enter just the postcode, it predictably brings up a list of local businesses registered with that postcode and not a comprehensive list of addresses/house names like Google does!

I hope that I've explained myself in detail that someone out there is able to decipher! But this is driving me to distraction now and I just don't know where to turn next! Foursquare don't have any contact details that are relevant to my cause. They have Twitter feed, which isn't much use. So I'm hoping that someone out in the Samsung community is going to be able to help. 

Thanks for your time,  Pinky 😊 

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Are using computer browser, edge chrome etc, to make the changes to the account?