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S23 update camera improvements listed

(Topic created on: 31-08-2023 11:55 AM)
Now that the August S23 update has finally dropped, I think it is worth listing the camera improvements brought by this update as they are substantial. They are for all models, not just the Ultra, which is as things should be.
# The new 2x function off the main sensor for both camera and video as we all know well. 
# The introduction of Super Steady video recording to 4K60 and 8K 30 video. Light permitting. This is the biggest improvement of all for me personally as I always shoot 4K 60. It will default to 1440p 60 (QHD), but it is still a nice and worthy upgrade. It will default to 1440p 30 when selecting super steady in 8K mode.
# The AI learning technology to improve digital zoom quality as recently introduced on the Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 is now introduced to the S23 series.
# Optimized file size when shooting motion pictures in photo mode.
# Reduced motion blur when viewing moving subjects.
# Increased the framerate of Big Circle and Colour Point and Glitch effects from 24fps to 30fps in Portrait Video Mode.
# Adjusted intensity for natural face shape correction in front Photo Mode. 
# Adjusted the focus position to reduce peripheral image blur when shooting close up subjects in the rear photo mode of S23 and S23 Plus models.
# resolution of 'Bananagate' blurring on close up object borders on some devices.
# Reduced noise in shadow areas when in 50Mp and 200Mp mode on S23 Ultra. Quality of blur in all modes improved also.
# General camera optimization to improve inter-shot intervals and Super Steady frame dropping and various other improvements to photo and video mode.

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