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S23 Ultra has a lot of issues with notifications, scrolling, Wi-Fi connection

(Topic created on: 27-02-2023 10:33 AM)

I'm experiencing some issues that I couldn't imagine I would have with a phone of this category and price. Mostly, it concerns notifications and scrolling. For now, I'm trying to figure out how to fix the problems. Otherwise, I'll be forced to return the phone. It's unacceptable that basic functionality wouldn't work properly on the "best Android phone". I mean seriously, how it's possible that Samsung offers advanced functionality while basics are not covered? Absurd.


1. I'm not notified about all incoming messages despite my settings being correct (all notifications within the app settings and general device settings are turned on).

For example, I use chats on Telegram and Slack. When notifications come, sometimes there is a notification sound and/or vibration, sometimes there isn't. But when I take a look at the locked screen I see that I actually received a notification 10-20-30 min ago, I just wasn't notified about that.

Also, it's very strange that the phone notifies me about new messages randomly. For example, I received one message on Telegram and was notified with vibration (usually I use Vibrate mode). About the next five messages I received in the next 30 min from the very same chat, I wasn't notified. Then I'm again getting notified about a few messages and not notified about much more. The very same happens with Slack.

2. Some notifications come with a significant delay. For example, I received notifications from Gmail 30 minutes after they actually came to my email. Sometimes, I do not receive notifications about new emails until I unblock the screen. Only after unblocking the phone, I'm getting a notification that I received a new email a while ago.

A similar thing happens with Messenger. I receive notifications with a significant delay, or when unlocking my phone.

3. I do not receive any notifications from Facebook despite I turned on app notifications. When I open the app, I see missed notifications I wasn't notified about on my phone.

4. I use a detailed preview of the pop-up notifications. Unfortunately, when I use the phone (the screen is active), I see detailed pop-up notifications only half the time. Sometimes they pop up indeed, sometimes they don't and I see just appeared icon in the Status Bar. Also, mostly there is no vibration or sound when the notification comes. Only appeared icon in the Status Bar.

When I watch full-screen videos on Netflix or YouTube, in most cases I receive neither pop-up notifications nor sound/vibration notifications about incoming messages. But sometimes they appear.

5. This paragraph is about displaying notifications in the Notification panel.

When I drag down from the top of the screen to see the Notification panel, I see notifications with a weird icon style. All icons are blue. I prefer to see the actual app's logo to recognize at a glance from which apps I have notifications. How I can change it?

When I have several messages within one app chat, the phone groups them under one notification. OK. But when I expand the notification, there are no indicators that help me to understand where the end of one message is and where starts next. For example, I have three unread messages from one chat. When I expand it, I see them as one message. Also, if one message (among two others) is long, the phone cuts the preview, and in the context of the expanding notification field (where all three are shown), I cannot choose to expand one particular message within expand notification field of one particular chat.

There is no indication of the time for each received message.

6. Messages from Telegram, Slack, and Messenger don't wake up the locked screen. But when I receive SMS and messages from Viber, the lock screen always wakes up for a couple of seconds.

Also, it's absurd that when I'm receiving a call from Slack the lock screen doesn't wake up either! The phone keeps vibrating with an inactive screen.

7. When I receive a notification from LinkedIn, I read it in the app, but the notification about unread messages that appeared in the Notification panel earlier doesn't go away.

8. I use Slack both on my laptop and phone. When new messages come, and I read them on my laptop, they still appear on the phone as unread messages, and notifications from the Notification Panel don't go away.

Sometimes when I receive messages in Slack on my laptop and they are left unread, I don't receive these very messages on my phone at all. There are no notifications anywhere.

9. When I have several messages in several chats within one app, I don't see on the locked screen names of all chats with unread messages. For example, I have twelve unread messages from four chats within Telegram. On the locked screen I see the last messages only from two chats. And only after reading the fine print note, I can learn that I have 12 unread messages from four different chats.

And once again, here I also see not actual logos of apps, but blue icons.

10. When notifications pop up on the screen (of course, if they pop up...), they disappear so fast that I don't have enough time to read them. Can I change the speed of their disappearance somewhere?

11. I set up that when I take the phone in my hands, it wakes up. This functionality performs very poorly. I have to really try hard to wake my phone up rotating it so many times. Why so? On my previous phone, I had the same option. It worked perfectly every time and reacted even on a slight movement when you just a little bit lift up the phone above the table to see if you have new messages.



While scrolling on Facebook, LinkedIn, messengers, and browsers, the text is distorted by a sort of ghosting effect on the horizontal parts of words. It looks like text duplicates and overlaps itself a couple of pixels lower the original row. It hurts the eyes so much because they try to focus on the unfocused text by inertia. It makes my personal experience with the phone unbearable. I use low brightness and Comfort for Eyes Mode + adaptive refresh rate. I've tried to change brightness, font size, and refresh rate (despite such settings weren't comfortable for me), but nothing helped. I've never experienced such stuff before with any of my old Android phones (the latest phone I switched from is the OnePlus 8 Pro).

I noticed the same issue with pictures, but thankfully it's not so obvious. Only if there is text on them.

How I can change scrolling settings so text doesn't split/ bifurcate while scrolling?


The phone drops Wi-Fi

I noticed that one-two times per day the phone drops the Wi-Fi connection, and in a minute-two reconnects again. Wi-Fi on my other devices from the same network work stable.

Is there any chance Samsung fix all of these with the next update? Or it's better to return the phone?

Not experienced any single one of these issues whatsoever

That's great. I wish I didn't experience them too.

I also get delayed message notifications. All of my notifications are on but Facebook messenger notifications come through so delayed or I just simply dont get notified that they are there. My text messages too.

I have the S23 Ultra too

I reported these bugs to Samsung Support. Waiting for the feedback now. I do hope they fix the issues ASAP. I wouldn't want to give up on Ultra. 

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Hi, I too am not experiencing any of the issues on my s23 ultra like you are having, when you setup your phone did you copy over everything from a previous phone using smart switch?
If so it could be the cause, I'd say just backup your important files & do a factory reset & start fresh without copying anything over.
Everything is working perfectly on my device.

Thanks for the clue! I didn't know that transferring apps via Smart Switch can cause issues with notifications.

Samsung Members Star ★
I have a feeling that with the S23 Ultra the phone is more aggressively optimised for battery life and so your apps might be put in sleeping or deep sleeping mode and hence the delay of notifications.

I don't have the phone so ould be wrong but definitely worth looking into.

Also @Blessed4life has a valid point you can look into.

Lastly check your app permissions for those app and make sure all are allowed.
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Your welcome & could you let's us know if you end up sorting out the issues you've listed?
To be honest you shouldn't be experiencing these things on your new s23 ultra, from my experience on mine.


Maybe you are right about the "aggressive optimization". And maybe I can do nothing about it. Because here are my settings, and I'm still experiencing issues with notifications:

- The mode Do Not Disturb is turned off;
- The Power Saving Mode is turned off;
- All Apps notifications I was talking about are turned on within the specific apps and in the device settings;
- All installed apps have the latest version;
- The Data Saving Mode is turned off;
- All Apps notifications I was talking about are not put to sleep as unused apps;
- vibration is set up correctly.