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S23+ crash/reboots after taking a photo

(Topic created on: 18-05-2023 07:44 PM)
Johan K
First Poster

Every time I take a photo phone crashes and starts up by itself. Takes around 10 seconds before crash occurs. Can look at the photo in Gallery. Then black and then startup logo.

Nothing wrong with the photo, it shows both before crash and after boot sequence.

Every other feature I use works perfectly and if I don't snap a photo phone is stable for weeks.

Same issue is seen in safe mode with airplane mode on.

Issue present in both April and May update.

It does not happen when I snap a photo in Instagram app. Something with size?

Same problem showed when using Open Camera app to snap photo so not isolated to Samsung Camera app.

Have tried wiping cache partition. Tried resetting Camera and Gallery app. Tried with OneDrive sync on/off. Tried turning off geolocation tagging.

Is there a chance of the crash trigger being logged somewhere? Anyone seen similar reports?

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