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S23 + buds

(Topic created on: 24-02-2023 01:43 PM)
So disappointed that people are getting free buds with there s23 if they order them after 17th Feb with ee and not extending it to those who did the pre order and got there's early. 
Samsung should give out free buds to all who pre orderded there s23 phones.

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The people ordering from the 17th aren't getting a storage upgrade, the storage upgrade was worth couple hundred quid which I put towards buying galaxy buds Pro 2.
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The promotion running via ee for the earbuds has no connection to Samsung @Scott111 

It's an ee run promotion.

People who pre ordered with Samsung could recieve a storage bump and 30% off eligible cases and disney+

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This year it was far better not buy direct from Samsung unless you were getting a good trade in deal off them. I ordered on the 6th Feb received on the 7th Feb with double storage and buds 2.

It's always a good idea to shop around before you buy.
I did have a look on Samsung and for an S22U I could have got £600 plus a £150 bonus, which probably similar to what the phone is worth selling private so no real incentive from Samsung other than a little convenience only benefit is you can only get the 1tb version from Samsung. I was offered a deal on ee with free buds 2 Pro which is very tempting but not doing trade in as they only pay around £350 for the phone so it's only worth trading in if you have an older phone. What made ee more tempting was they were offering to utilise it as part of your contract so you keep your plan for 3 years and the phone is added like an interest fee loan so it works out a lot cheaper but I would keep my S22U. What put me off was having the max 512gb via ee whereas my existing phone is 1tb so it would be a step backwards. But I was really tempted by the ee offer. Other networks may offer similar or better deals so its worth shopping around. For me there isn't quite enough to make me go for it. If Samsung had offered the free buds on top of the £750 I'd have gone for it even though I've only had this S22U for a year. I've had so many issues with this model early on I don't really trust it to be reliable but upgrading involves a lot of money so its a case of thinking it through and working out what works for you