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S23 and Android Auto

(Topic created on: 19-02-2024 09:34 PM)
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Having got a new phone Samsung galaxy s23 not ultra, I tried to connect up with android auto finally finding its no longer the standalone app as it used to be, When running the app for the first time I clicked on (connect to car) connected the phone to the usb plugged into the back of the head unit and instead of finding the connection it did nothing stayed greyed out. so I chose connect using wireless android auto, this just paired my mobile to the head unit enabling me to play music through my apps ie Sam FM, Spotify  cool fm. This has nothing to do with android auto and maps etc so to sum up android auto used to be fantastic and worked faultlessly for 4 years and now is a worthless app which u can call bloatware as it does nothing.

Ok list of what ive tried
Uninstall and re install android auto,
cleared cache and data,
Reset head unit in car and updated software to latest version,
Head unit Kenwood ddx9716bts system firmware version 24.08.2018.
checked usb cable works ok on my old phone which it does, same cable new phone not connecting at all.
Tried separate cable on both new and old phone Huawei P30 pro old phone works new phone nope.
New s23 running Android version 14. 
Android auto version 10.14.634424.
model number :SM-S911B/DS
Any help please Samsung as android auto isnt helpful at all.
Android Auto is a Google app isn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong. If it is a Google app then they are professional at destroying a perfectly good working app! No help of course for your problem but I hope someone can help you on this. As I wouldn't mind trying the app myself one day.