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Routines are heavily bugged

(Topic created on: 10-03-2023 07:58 AM)

Dear friends, I've been using the sleep routine on my s23+ since launch, and I found at least 3 bugs within it.

  1.  I set the sleep routine timers to trigger at 9 pm and end at 7 am of the next day, and deselected the alarm, I only wanted it to turn on DnD, Sleep Mode, the Eye Caring hue, etc. What happened was that the alarm would set itself back on, and I had to manually deselect it every time for at least a full week.
  2. I set two timers, one that starts at 9 pm (which is called 21 pm in italian, but 21 pm means nothing really, it's either 9 pm or 21) and ends at 7 am of the following day, and this timer has been set for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and another that starts at 11 pm and ends at 9 am of the next day, and this one was flagged for Friday and Saturday. So you can imagine my suprice when on friday morning at 8 am I noticed that my phone was still in Sleep and DnD mode, up until 9 am. 
  3. I added Sleep Mode and DnD Mode to the Routine, and when I trigger the routine via pressing the button, Sleep Mode and DnD Mode are correctly sync-ed with my Galaxy Watch 4, as I set it to. But when the routine is triggered by the time of the day, the sync between the watch and phone is somewhat bugged, as the watch correctly enters DnD mode, but not Sleep Mode.

What are your experiences with it? Also plagued by issues?

Thank you,


Hello @pogomwg2000, I had a similar issue as you with Alarms in 1. I switched them off individually by day and they haven't emerged since. I haven't switched my Seep Mode Off and back On either.

I'm not seeing your issues in DnD and have now included some Calls and Messages and still stable so far.

I have a Watch 5 Pro LTE and the nightly/morning sync is working fine so far. The only issues I have had are when I have to reset the watch and start again. These have occurred during daytime hours and not Sleep mode related, I hope!

Stick with it, I find things are improving with every update on both devices.
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I have the issue on first overnight use where I set up the sleep mode and to go into grey scale to Turn on at 10pm and off at 5am for all weekdays with an alarm at 5am. Pretty simple. So the alarm goes off but Sleep mode doesn't turn off and phone screen stays in grey scale! After a few hours, I went to find the Sleep / Routines option in settings only to find it was no longer available. Searching Sleep wouldn't bring it up either. After restarting twice, the colour came back however DND was still showing as on. I managed to turn it off from the home screen notifications, however just hope it doesn't come back on by it'self again tonight and repeat the same again tomorrow!