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Network Glitch

(Topic created on: 08-09-2023 07:25 AM)
I think I might have identified the culprit for causing a network glitch

I actually found it by accident after researching something else

Glitch = occasional but regular network blackspots or complete freeze, when streaming music and radio in the car. Also when playing some games you occasionally get the app reporting no network despite having strong signals resulting in unusual app behaviour or ads won't load etc

Whilst the issue seems worst on my S23U it's not specific to that phone

The problem seems to be linked to the phones advertising ID

I have found that resetting the advertising ID in the phones settings resolves the no network Glitch 

I have tested it with Subway Surfers as it was easiest to spot and it seemed to settle the app and fix the no network Glitch

I tried resetting the advertising ID and it worked a treat

I tried deleting the advertising ID and the app would not run properly or load ads etc

So whilst I can't specify the exact cause, it's clear that apps are crashing, freezing or misbehaving when handling the advertising ID on the phone or Vica Versa, which I presume gets corrupted

So it may be attempts from apps when gathering your personal data that are corrupting the phones advertising ID as the try all kinds of tricks in your phones functions to push ads on you

This makes sense as most free games and free streaming apps contain ads. And now I think about it I don't recall experiencing this issue with apps where there are no ads built in

It's early days but I'll continue checking on my S23U and my A54 5G 

The moral may be to get rid of ads


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Nicely worked out. Poorly implemented ads in aps certainly cause issues