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My s23 ultra battery drains too fast

(Topic created on: 20-06-2023 11:22 AM)

Everyone says this phone lasts for 7-9 hr on hardcore gaming amd 1.5-2 days of normal use, but my s23 ultra drops a percentage every 4-5 mins. I am not even a gamer, i mostly use the phone for texting and watching videos. I went to service center to get this checked and they run some test using a device and told me that my phone is perfectly fine and what I am getting on my phone is normal. I'm bit confused on what to believe

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I dont know it seems about right at first my phone was learning the battery usage pattern for 2-3 days it will die fast and it would lose also drops a percentage every minute but over a days it would start turning from 1 percentage every 10 minutes or more I would use my phone in the morning average use for 2 hours and it still had 78 percentage thats on battery protect mode to limit it at 85 but yesterday I got 15 hours of use and it still had 70 percent so I'm impressed and it can charge all that in 30-40 minutes this is today update 6/20/23

Screenshot_20230620_041756_Device care.jpg

 also you gotta keep in mind that the phone will keep improving and more updates will keep coming out I am not suprised to see if this phone can last 2-3 days with light use but with heavy I say 1 day will do it