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Month and a half review of samsung s23 ultra

(Topic created on: 23-06-2023 09:57 PM)
Okay, so just to warn people, this phone is so brilliant if I were to write everything it'll take ages to read.

And I don't even know where to begin! This Phone is so amazing I just love every aspect of it. down to the last details.

I will start with simple things.

The Galaxy s23 ultra has amazing audio quality.
The speaker on this phone is so vibrant and loud and has crisp bass and treble although the speaker on top of the sounding the same is nothing to worry about cause its still decent.

The Galaxy s23 ultras cameras work as advertised and wow.

The cameras when i first saw the phone in person felt massive and out of place at first, but I got used to it after 4 weeks and it felt normal to look at after.


The camera quality is absolutely superb and crisp as could be, and it looks almost identical to my eyes and I could barely see any pixel with the 200MP grouping.

The s23 ultra is quite litteraly ultra with speed.

The phones speed is really, really! Fast, and having multiple apps open and other files downloading and anything else I put this phone to, it refused, just refused, to slow down.

The s23 ultras Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is extremely powerful.

The s23 ultras screen quality and new feature.

If you are aware by now if you own an s20 and s21 you can only apply either:

I don't know if s22 has this feature I'm about to say but on this s23 ultra you can make it have this new thing turned on when it will swap to 120hz when scrolling and go automatically back to 60hz when your not scrolling, and it has such a massive battery difference the impact it causes on the battery is way less than just having 120hz on 24/7.

S23 ultra is perfect for my hands.

The s23 ultra feels extremely good to hold and dosnt feel to bulky nor big and chunky, It feels just right to hold and the edge of the screen fits perfectly for swipe gestures on the back button, and the glass they use on this phone is extremely durable being gorilla glass victus 2, also it being extremely smooth to swipe your finger across.

NOTICE: i do still recomend getting a case and screenprotection for added safety and do not recomend using the phone without this stuff for a safe use of the phone and not causing damage to your device if/or dropped with force or on concrete. And recomend camera protectors in case you put your phone in your pocket and it scratches the lens

And I'm going to stop here there's still so much more to talk about like software and UI but that can be explained in the 2 or 3 month review.

I hope you enjoyed this review and goodbye.


Yes brilliant review 👍 Really glad your enjoying the phone. I'm glad I got mine 😊
Samsung Members Star ★
The S Pen is great too
Samsung Members Star ★
Nice write up, I couldn't agree more, it's a fantastic phone 😀
Amazing piece of kit 👍
Yeah the s pen is really amazing and I like that samsung made the s pen have the same features on all phones that include it. It's very nice of them.
I'm glad your enjoying your s23 ultra and haven't ran into any problems with it 😀
I think there are occasionally issues with any device but I haven't ran into any serious problems yet
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It's not a bad phone is it 🤣

Mine ticks every want and needs boxes for me. 👍 

Thank you for taking the time to share your personal feedback too.

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Welcome mate. It is indeed a wicked phone. 😂