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Iu16.1 softwear update

(Topic created on: 07-04-2024 12:46 PM)
Hiya this not a problem but I've found that the finger print scanner has pritty good on the galaxy s23ultra before the softwear update. But now its even better since the update i use tempered glass screen protectors on my phone.and i find it a lot easier to set a fingerprint up. Has anyone found this to be the case? 
There is a software update due shortly to fix the fingerprint bug along with the various other bugs that are effecting the series
Note also there are issues effecting the S24series too, mainly the battery drain
Big Cheese
Most of the postings in this Comments section are from people having problems with their devices. This is a good thing of course, as it allows people to, hopefully, get the advice they require to solve their problems. Your posting though, @DarksideofTheGalaxy was a bit of positive fresh air!.😅. My S23 Ultra has just had the 6.1 update, so I just give it's fingerprint scanner a testing. My testing is basically just using it ten times in a row from a dark no display screen. Normally, I expect between 7 or 8 scans to work instantly. I had 9 once. Well, today I had my first 10. I repeated my test and got another 10. This backs up your deduction for sure. I must say, that I find my device so much more responsive in many subtle ways since the update. My reboot time is noticeably quicker, and my updating of apps in The Play Store and Galaxy Store seems quicker. My screen responsiveness overall seems better too.