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Iphone vs galaxy

(Topic created on: 11-08-2023 07:17 PM)
Having owned apples line up and samsungs line up I often get asked which is better so though I would post about it so here goes.

S23 ultra vs 14 PM 

The ultra for the most part is the better phone. The 120hz is true 120hz, promotion ramps the hz down too harshly which creates stutters. Again on paper for brightness the PM should win but most of the time the ultra wins again because the PM pulls in the brightness too harshly. The iPhone is actually ruined by its own software whereas the ultra just shines through and everything should work as it should with no bugs. Camera I will say video at 1X is better on the iPhone but got everything else the ultra is better. It takes better photos and that zoom is immense. I also like how you can control your galaxy. For example the 14 PM always on display stay on when apple says so if the room is dark or it's night time the aod turns into a s o d (sometimes on display) my Galaxy aod just shines through the night. So the winner of the phone is the ultra. My only gripe with the ultra is durability could do with being a bit better but it is beautifully made so you can't have it all.

Galaxy watch 5 pro vs apple watch series 7

This one is a tough call. I prefer the battery on the 5 Pro, the look of it and the straps. I like the customisation and the layout of it all. However the series 7 had a much brighter AOD and it was just fluid and 5 pro does stutter slightly. I'm still very impressed with my 5 pro and it serves my needs better than the series 7 however due to odd stutters and dim aod in bright sunlight going to have to call this one a tie.

Galaxy buds pro 2. 

This is a tough one. I prefer the look of the galaxy buds pro 2 and the features of it. However I do find the airpods pro 2 more comfortable. Sounds on the pods is well balanced and crisp. Sound on the buds have loads of bass which is great but treble can be suspect. I still love my Galaxy buds pro 2 but got give this one to the airpods

Tablets ipad mini vs galaxy tab s7 

Now this is a weird one and seems unfair but what I paid for the mini is what I paid for the s7 and honestly I really do find samsung tabs better than ipads. This will probably be widely disputed but I just find samsung does a much better job of implementing its software better OK the big screen. It makes much more use of it. Not to mention you get 120hz and a crisper screen. Most people believe that ipads are king of the tablet but nope for me it's got to be galaxy tabs. Only gripe with the tabs is software support isn't great my 2020 s7 is dormant from September but oh well means I have to by an s9 🤣 and I'm sure support will be longer on that.

There you have it. Well done if you got to the end. I'm a fully converted galaxy man now. I wouldn't never say never iPhone again but for the foreseeable future I will be here and as long as exynos doesn't come back I will remain (unless exynos actually turns out not be a bag t u r d s) 
Will be changing to iPhone as Samsung software department is non existent. Such a shame as I've been a loyal customer for many years. Their software update policy,eg CSC for the phones is utter shambles. Apple wins hands down.
I do get that apples updates are more prompt and the same across the board. However you will be disappointed with how buggy ios is specially on the pro devices. Ios 17 may improve this but once again like ios 13 did it has push me away a £1200 phone shouldn't be glitching or need restarted once a day. Just a warning that's all. I wish you well with your iphone and hope you don't get issues
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the change of manufacturer and products @AshtabS9Ultra    👍 

How did you find leaving the Apple Eco-System  ?

Personally when I moved from the iPhone to Samsung I found it seamless on the most part.

I have the Samsung Buds Pro Earbuds however my preference is the Samsung Buds Live as I prefer how they sit in my ears. 

A warm welcome to being a Samsung Knight 😎


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Thank you. Yes the eco system to be honest is exactly the same so it wasn't a problem at all. I suppose the biggest issue is replacing all the products but my buds pro 2 I got for free. The watch I got on a good deal and it was nearly time to upgrade my apple watch anyway and my tab is still good but getting an s9 in December. Ipad mini I still have and use from time to time due to its size
When did you move? I first came to samsung in 2019 but then left in 2021 mainly because of the exynos chip and poor battery, now I'm back and it looks like I'm here for good so long as they keep that exynos away from me or make it on par with snap dragon. If this had exynos in I would still be on the dark side
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@AshtabS9Ultra   Glad you are generally  more impressed with Samsung products.  I had some Apple products but unlikely to buy any more in the future and have been on Board with Samsung for a while now. of course does not mean there are not some issues to be addressed but no company has a perfect record.    The speculation is that Samsung will use Exynos in the S24 series for Europe  mind you but will need to see on that one.  Personally I think that in recent years the difference with Snapdragon is not as significant even if not quite at the same level, some have a different view. Personally not had an issue with Exynos Devices.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

I have heard the s24 is going to have it. The s23 is that good that I probably won't bother till the s25 by which time surely exynos will be good. I have just found they have always ran warm and honestly on my s20 I was lucky to get 2 hours sot. S21 maybe 5 hours, the s10 was very good though. On this s23 I'm easily getting 10 + hours sot. I hope the gap is much smaller or no gap at all with the next batch of exynos
Just don't understand why the rest of the world should get a better chip it just annoys me.
Absolutely, wld rather updates take forever and be stable rather than quick releases which are overly buggy. At least updates that take longer but are stable make devices good to use whereas buggy updated can drive people crazy when using tech.
Absolutely 👍