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Don't buy from phone companies (UK) for this reason

(Topic created on: 10-09-2023 06:07 AM)
Just a pro tip. Please but from Samsung official and not monthly contracts through a phone company, a lot of people can't update their phone to a beta version of one ui 6 or even September update (using September as an example as I got mine on September 1st) if you didn't know already your provider where you got your phone can lock updates and not give them to you as they review it fordt then give it to you (I think I may be wrong but that's what I been told). I remember a lot of people complaining about how they haven't received August update on August 30th and when they did receive it. Not many people didn't get until 31st or 1st September (ME included) so if you ever decide to buy a samsung mobile device please spread the cost using a pay in 3 method or some sort of spread the cost thing on the website whatever they support payment wise. I can't fathom on how much I hate o2 as a provider. Maybe it's a me issue but sure you do get that spread the cost through a 24 month contract but do whatever it takes to not buy from phone companies just aim only imo. Again this is based on my experience and they can also lock to 1 provider so other sims won't work in your device unless you go to o2 themselves and do it. (Using o2 as an example). But yeah it's worth buying from Samsung store thanks 
I really don't get why people want the beta. These ultras are like £1400 you want it running sweet as a nut.
historically main companies like EE, Vodafone etc have always delayed the updates from Google/Android due to compatability mainly with the bloatware and such.
Quite some time back (probably around the original Note time or S3 ish) i waited aroud 6months for a Android update to a new version. In the end i just uninstalled the operator version and installed a clean Android OS if i remember rightly.

Mobile phone companies have got alot better lately and not all updates on all networks are the same. theres a lot of work that needs to be done to make them compatible. Not a bad thing. imagine having the updates at release but without the compatability checks and refinements made.