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Don't buy from phone companies (UK) for this reason

(Topic created on: 10-09-2023 01:01 PM)
Just a pro tip. Please but from Samsung official and not monthly contracts through a phone company, a lot of people can't update their phone to a beta version of one ui 6 or even September update (using September as an example as I got mine on September 1st) if you didn't know already your provider where you got your phone can lock updates and not give them to you as they review it fordt then give it to you (I think I may be wrong but that's what I been told). I remember a lot of people complaining about how they haven't received August update on August 30th and when they did receive it. Not many people didn't get until 31st or 1st September (ME included) so if you ever decide to buy a samsung mobile device please spread the cost using a pay in 3 method or some sort of spread the cost thing on the website whatever they support payment wise. I can't fathom on how much I hate o2 as a provider. Maybe it's a me issue but sure you do get that spread the cost through a 24 month contract but do whatever it takes to not buy from phone companies just aim only imo. Again this is based on my experience and they can also lock to 1 provider so other sims won't work in your device unless you go to o2 themselves and do it. (Using o2 as an example). But yeah it's worth buying from Samsung store thanks 
I'm with 02 and have no issue with updates being slightly delayed if they choose to do so, I'd rather the update was issue free than some buggy update rolled out. Although I've never noticed a carrier delaying an update for years.

To be honest, after every update, I can't even tell what's changed.

You can unlock your device in the My 02 app, going to support then unlock my device. 1694325346494_1694325346487_0.jpg
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Hi @MorgFlame 

Not all Network's request Samsung to hold back Software updates while they test the update to try and ensure it does not clash with their network apps and services. 

One I do know who does is Vodafone Uk. 

In regards to Beta looking at the bigger picture not many will want to download the Beta as they are either not aware of the option, or prefer not to potentially have an unstable phone or apps that can break as the Beta Stages cycle through the programme. 

Most owners are content with updating the phone's software as and when they are prompted to do so via the typical pop up message they recieve. 

@StuartR asking o2 to unlock a phone would allow the use of any network sim card. The phone would still have the csc and build and serial number it was programmed with. 

Nowadays most phone's supplied by the Networks are already unlocked out of the box to conform with the ofcom ruling. 

Personally I buy my Samsung phone's direct from Samsung UK as they do not have any network bloatware installed. 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

That's your option, not everybody feels the way you do. Get over yourself. It's not the end of the world , it's risky taking on a beta option it can go wrong and it Can!!

A new line break or a new paragraph would be welcome - Shift + Enter or Enter. 

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My Two Pence.

1. People by from networks as they might get a better deal , option to pay the phone slowly over a period of time . Etc.

2. Just to try BETA software is not really a criteria not to buy from other providers.
Competition is always good for Consumer.

3. I do agree there could be delays and/ or even more bloatware on carrier branded phones.

4. I personally prefer direct from Samsung as I like to use my own SIM card and not be tied to any carrier contracts. But that's my personal choice.

5. Lastly most people are not that hung up on beta softwares as they are mostly buggy.
Those like us who wanna try them know work arounds to get the beta software even if it's carrier branded and stuff.
That's a another story which we don't discuss in these forums.

Have a great day.
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I doubt the majority don't even know about the beta program. You will find enthusiasts on this forum but they represent the minority.
All people want is a reliable working phone which includes me. I haven't enrolled in the Beta program for this reason and my feelings that these upgrades are nothing to get excited about.
You can get better deals by not signing up to a carrier but that is a different topic.
Your wrong. I'm got my through sky and am running the beta. And any software updates
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Not convinced by the phrase "Pro Tip" at the start of the OP'z post.

But as has been stated on various other posts, beta is for the enthusiasts really and less for the day to day users who simply want their device to work. Those who use beta are very much in the minority and likely less than 1% of all users and it is there to give Samsung a broader view of what works and what doesn't in the move from test to final version release.

I for one would rather have a fully tested update instead of something that may / may not work.

As for not buying from the networks, again the term "Pro Tip" is highly debatable. Why?

1. In the UK ofcom forced networks to provide unlocked devices,
2. Networks add bloatware
3. Samsung adds bloatware
4. Networks may hold updates back for a variety of reasons, but mainly so they can test them first as it is their Customer Service Teams who will get the calls if things have gone wrong. Tender
Remember, if you buy a device through a network, your contract is with the network not the device manufacturer.

Finally, many choose to buy via the network due to the ever increasing costs of devices. Not everyone can afford (or choose to afford) a device that may cost close to or way over £1000 in one go.

I personally stopped buying from providers many many years ago.
I very much prefer to buy from Samsung directly.
I have been doing so for quite a number of years now and intend to keep it that way.