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Concept of locked phone in India

(Topic created on: 13-04-2023 07:45 AM)
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I am just thinking, smart phones comes with first need of everyone in these days. I love how Samsung hold the Indian market. Coming to the point, Is it possible , I mean definitely Samsung would have been thinking about it already but still let me put in this way is it possible Samsung can comes with locked phone concept(EMI per month) in India like with iPhone in USA tie up with specific carrier e.g. T-Mobile (EMI with 24 or 36 months). I know EMI options are still there in India but still having tie up with any Carrier and Samsung together make it history and that would impact more in Indian market I guess.

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Samsung sell unlocked phones for use in the region they were released in.

Some uk networks locked their phone's to their network with the iPhone being the exception however even that now is being / been phased out.

I cant speak for the Samsung phone's in india @ars4 

To try and curb grey imports they also did impose a region lock to stop these imports but it's my belief now they no longer impose this.

I'm in the UK and imported a Samsung Note²⁰ from Hong Kong to use in the UK and no region lock was imposed.

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